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This information has been updated in line with exemption rules in force from 10 July 2020. 

New government public health measures for all UK arrivals came into effect from 8 June 2020. These require quarantine for 14 days, except for 'travel corridor' exemptions, which are applicable from 10 July 2020. This applies to all nationalities and regardless of the length of time away from the UK.  

Individuals are required to: 

  • provide their journey and contact details to the government by way of an online form before they travel to the UK; and 
  • remain in quarantine in the place they are staying for the first 14 days they are in the UK, except in limited situations, which includes arrivals from ‘travel corridors’.

These new provisions will affect arrangements for taking annual leave and starting new appointments where individuals are travelling from overseas, as well as staff returning from overseas assignments.  

1. Annual leave 

If staff take annual leave outside the UK, they will need to ensure that they have booked sufficient annual leave to cover any period of quarantine on their return or, alternatively, consideration should be given as to whether they could work from home during that period. They should also check whether their destination country has quarantine restrictions in place and plan their leave accordingly.

All staff that go abroad at this time must be aware that Government guidance can change with very short notice and should therefore plan accordingly. It is recognised that there may be extenuating circumstances where staff may be required to take leave from work at short notice outside of the UK, for example to attend the funeral of a close family member, in which allowances can be considered exceptionally. If there are specific circumstances please speak to your line manager or HR School team. All annual leave should be requested following the usual procedure.

2. New appointments from overseas 

For new starters from overseas, line managers should discuss the best way forward with them. New starters travelling from a country where a 14 day quarantine period applies should aim to arrive at least 14 days before their agreed start date, where they can, providing travel and visa restrictions allow, to accommodate a period of quarantine. 

Where this is not possible, it may be the case that staff need to quarantine for some or all of the first 14 days of their contract, during which time they should work from home if they can.   

Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to agree that they either commence work overseas (if immigration rules permit), or agree a delayed start date as appropriate.   

3. Staff returning from overseas assignments 

Where overseas assignments are due to end, staff will need to take account of these new rules when planning their return. Where possible, they should arrange to work from home during the required period of quarantine.  

Last updated: 22 September 2020