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Human Resources


About HR

The Human Resources (HR) Division supports the achievement of excellence in education, learning and research via the recruitment, retention, reward, recognition and development activities undertaken with and for University staff. In addition, the Division seeks to ensure that the University continues to maintain and enhance its reputation as a leading employer. The HR Division is formed from teams that provide services and support to the University in operations, strategy, personal & professional development, and postdoctoral matters.

Contact Details

Click on each section below for contact details:

HR Directorate  

Andrea Hudson

Director of Human Resources 

(7) 66782 

Thuy Niven

Interim Assistant Director of Human Resources (Operations)


David Field

Assistant Director of Human Resources (Strategy)

(7) 64011 

Name Position Tel. Email
Deborah Jones Head of the HR Directorate Office (3)32270

Francesca Karabyn

Assistant to the Director of Human Resources


Michelle Talbot

Divisional Administrator


Rachel Machon

Supporting Our Staff Lead – ourcambridge


Professional Services Support Team

Name Position Email
Alison Cook Senior Professional Services Manager

Katherine Wallington

Senior Professional Services Manager

Mary Howe

Senior Professional Services Manager


1. HR Advisory Service

The HR Advisory Service works with the Schools on HR queries, employee relations issues, organisational change and HR projects, and facilitates annual reward and other regular University‑wide exercises. Comprises of HR Business Managers, HR Advisers and HR Administrators.

HR Business Managers

Name Position Contact
Steph Lott HR Business Manager - UAS & UIS (7)65933
Emma Frampton HR Business Manager - Arts & Humanities & University Library (7)65036
Justin Greene HR Business Manager - Biological Sciences (7)64130


HR Business Manager - Humanities & Social Sciences Vacant
Emma Mason HR Business Manager - Humanities & Social Sciences (temporary leave) Temporary leave
Louise Akroyd HR Business Manager - Physical Sciences (7)65821
Tracy Brooks HR Business Manager - Technology (7)64500
Laura Bowden HR Business Manager - CUDAR, ICE, Vice-Chancellor’s Office, Registrary’s Office, Strategic Partnership Office, Centre for Digital Built Britain, Isaac Newton Trust, Kettles Yard & Fitzwilliam Museum

HR Advisers

Name  Position Contact
Jo Patrickson HR Adviser - UAS & Council NSIs (7)65121
Kat Fahey HR Adviser - UAS & Council NSIs (7)61587
Sarah Crossman Assistant HR Adviser - UAS & Council NSIs  (7)65658
Kusam Leal HR Adviser - Arts & Humanities & University Library (7)61585
Sophie McDougall HR Adviser - Biological Sciences (7)60040
Alexandra (Alex) King HR Adviser - Biological Sciences (UBS) (7)64537
Michelle Batty HR Adviser - Biological Sciences (Vet Med) (7)60343
Lorna Castle Assistant HR Adviser - Biological Sciences (7)64614
Teri Hallam HR Adviser - Humanities & Social Sciences (7)65809
Kaitlin Birrell HR Adviser - Physical Sciences  (3)32267
Jackie Stone HR Adviser - Technology (7)65544
Emma Parr HR Adviser - Technology (7)60534
Ken Billington HR Adviser - Technology
Donna Stearn HR Adviser - Cambridge Works 
James Le-May HR Adviser

HR Administrators

Name  Position Contact

Edelmira Bell 

Ellie Bird

Jennifer Pritchard

Katerina Strimpouli

Sara-Shanti Tamby

HR Administrators


School of Clinical Medicine HR Team

Name Position Contact
Caroline Newman Head of HR - School of Clinical Medicine (7)67836
Sarah Lecky HR & Reward Coordinator (3)31778
Lisa Clare Senior HR Adviser (7)61447
Vickie Grenville Senior HR Adviser (3)35648
Catherine Upton Interim HR Adviser (3)30982
Hannah Bavalia Assistant HR Adviser (7)64208
Sian Miller Assistant HR Adviser (7)69256
Becky Tuck
HR & EDI Coordinator 
Rebecca Luck
HR & EDI Coordinator 

Lisa Wilyman

Resourcing Manager
Lisa Miles
Recruitment Adviser
Chris Caulfield
HR Staff Hub Coordinator
Aimee-Jane Denman
HR Staff Hub Coordinator
Jo Hinson
HR Staff Hub Coordinator
Ashley Quinlan HR Staff Hub Coordinator (7)61324
Ashley Worman HR Staff Hub Coordinator (7)65115
Alice Rigby
(Recruitment Apprentice) Medical Staffing Coordinator
Emilie Carter Recruitment Apprentice
Sophie Gray HR Apprentice


2. HR Shared Services

Delivers the transactional HR service, including immigration and compliance, the CHRIS helpdesk, and the Temporary Employment Service, and leads on HR business process improvement.


Name Position Contact
Emma Marron Temporary Head of HR Shared Services

Contracts Team

Name Position Contact
Susan Wilson

HR Administration Manager

Sarah Moss Deputy HR Administration Manager

Bronwen Chamberlain

Roma Deane

Elizabeth King

New Appointments Team (7)61200

Andrew Smith

Simon Gates

Amendments Team (7)61201
Victoria Ahulu Adminstrative Assistant (7)64237

HR Systems Helpdesk

Name Position Contact
Jay Davies HR Systems Service Desk Manager

Jacqui Browning

Anna Foltyn

Isobel Milner

HR Systems Service Desk Analysts (7)60999

HR Systems Training

Name  Position Contact
Hazel Turton HR Systems Trainer

Immigration and Compliance

Name Position Contact
Graeme Ross Immigration and Compliance Manager (7)68808
Karen Bresler Immigration and Compliance Advisor (7)68808
Emma Chambers Immigration and Compliance Advisor (7)68808
Lisa Courtney Immigration and Compliance Advisor (7)68808
Louise Rabbett Compliance Administration Assistant (7)66773

Temporary Employment Service (TES)

Name Position Contact
General Enquiries
Helen Dalgleish TES Manager (7)65876
Kyle Blake Recruitment Co-ordinator (7)65120
Michele Durman Recruitment Co-ordinator (7)64498
Stephanie Lawrence Recruitment Co-ordinator (3)32246
Pam Tsvetkova Recruitment Co-ordinator 
Kinga Kaniewska Office Assistant (3)32348
Jorge Prol Gomez Office Assistant

HR Transformation Programme

Name Position Contact
Sarah Hickling HR Transformation Programme Lead


Business Analysis

Name Position Contact
Dan Ford Business Analyst (7)60013
3. Resourcing

Leads the design and development of recruitment policy and procedures for the University, supports professorial and senior academic‑related appointments, staff relocation, overseas assignments, and redeployment.

Name Position Contact
Sarah Botcherby Resourcing Manager (3)32352
Andrew Rowland Resourcing Adviser


Maria Buckman Global Mobility Adviser (7)60038

Gosia Wloszycka Professorial and Professional Appointments Adviser


Amara Howell HR Administrator




4. Communications

Oversees internal and external communications including the HR webpages and HR Bulletin.

Name Position  Contact
Nicola Mister HR Communications Manager  (7)67850




5. Childcare Office

Oversees the facilities and assistance offered to University staff and students with children, including the University’s day nurseries and the holiday playscheme.

Name Position Contact
Sue Davis Manager of Childcare Services (7)65305
Vicky Cornwell Playscheme Co-ordinator (7)64186
Harriet Chilllingworth Deputy Playscheme Co-ordinator (3)30766
Lucy Jones Playscheme Assistant 
Sarah Andrew Childcare Information Adviser (3)2249
Siobhan Lowe Childcare Services Administrator (7)60901
Lynn Barr Childcare Services Administrator (3)32249


6. Reward

Supports the development and implementation of policy and structures around pay, benefits and other aspects of reward at the University, provides advice and guidance, and raises awareness across the University of the range of benefits available to staff.  Please note that the Pensions administration team is part of the Finance Division; their contact details can be found at

Name Position Contact
Vacant Head of Reward  
Daniel Bond Reward Adviser (3)32347
Sam Murphy  Reward Adviser (3)32825
Klaudia Baldock Reward Co-ordinator




7. Equality and Diversity

Supports policy development and implementation, provides advice and guidance, and delivers bespoke School equality and diversity training. Leads the University’s WellCAM programme and administers the Returning Carers Scheme.

Name Position Contact
Miriam Lynn

Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Louise Atkin Equality and Diversity Consultant (7)64091
Joanna Jasiewicz Equality and Diversity Consultant (7)60424
Gina Warren Equality and Diversity Consultant (7)65807
Diane Jeffery Equality and Diversity Events Co-ordinator (7)65304

Career Support Fund Administrator



8. Policy, ER & Strategic Projects

Leads the review development and delivery of modern HR policies and strategic initiatives at the University and works to build and maintain a positive employment relations structure. 

For staff queries related to terms and conditions, please contact the HR Advisory Service (see contact details under Section 1). 

Name Position Contact
Suzanne Fowler

Head of Policy and Strategic Projects



Janine Payne Policy Consultant and ER Manager (3)30275
Vivienne Lee Martinez  Policy Consultant (7)65808
Helen Gray  Policy Consultant (3)39886
Anne Pollintine  HR Strategic Lead (Workforce Planning) (7)66589 
Julie (Jules) Pearson  HR Adviser (Workforce Planning) (7)60343
Vacant  Data Analyst/Project Co-ordinator (Workforce Planning) Vacant




9. HR Business Systems and Analysis

Provides reports and analysis of HR data to Committees, Division staff and institutions, and data to external bodies, such as ONS and HESA.  Works with University Information Services on the Division’s strategy for HR systems.

Name Position Contact
Simon Virr HR Information Services Manager (3)32287 (Old Schools) (7)66272 (Roger Needham)
Chris Anthony Reporting and Information Analyst (7)65012
Lewis Meek Reporting and Information Analyst (3)32248
Sarah Peck Application Specialist (7)65562



10. Grading

Manages the grading service and provides advice on the grading of roles.

Name Position Contact
Philip Willatt Head of Reward (7)65178
Paul Robinson Grading Manager (7)60039
Mary Ongeri Role Analyst
Sian Thompson Grading Coordinator (7)60042




11. Postdoc Academy (previously Office of Postdoctoral Affairs)

Leads on matters relating to the postdoctoral community at the University and provides information for and support to postdocs in both career‑related and pastoral issues, including identifying areas of need and potential improvement and collaborating with other services and organisations.




Karina Prasad

Head of Office


Liz Simmonds

Assistant Head of Office (Strategy)


Susie Chan

Assistant Head of Office (Operations)


Jenny Hayward

Communications Coordinator


Hollie Godden

Committees and Societies Coordinator


Katia Smith-Litiere

Entrepreneurship and Industrial Engagement Project Manager


Kristen Frers

Projects and Programmes Coordinator (job-share)


Ceren Kaser

(p/t) Centres Coordinator


Shaun Ballisat

Centres Coordinator


Stephanie Tolhurst

(p/t) Project Coordinator


Lydia Nowak

Project Coordinator


General Enquiries



Steve Joy

Head of Researcher Development (CCTL)

Hannah Fromageau

Senior Researcher Development Associate (CCTL)

Nicole Horst

Researcher Development Associate


Kagal Chougala Finance Coordinator
Caroline Coetzee Project and Event Coordinator
Connie Shorrocks Online Community and Social Media Administrator for the Entrepreneurship Programme
12. Personal and Professional Development

Delivers practical and relevant development for individuals, teams and departments. It enables staff to develop the leadership, professional and personal skills and knowledge to operate effectively, and work collectively to ensure a positive and thriving working environment.

Name Position Contact
Sue Pandey Head of Learning and Development (7)65654
Katie Bright-Ramon Pelegrin Online Development and Operations Manager


Miranda Carr Learning and Development Consultant (7)60167
Leonie Isaacson Learning and Development Consultant (7)65019
Jessie Monck Learning and Development Consultant (7)64133
Reshmin Haq Learning and Development Consultant  
Jeanette Almond Administration Team Leader (job share)


Samantha Sinclair Administration Team Leader (job share) (7)64613
Elizabeth Anand Administrator (7)64132
Maria Booth Administrator (7)66801
Dawn Sutton Gray Administrator (job share) (on leave) (7)65782
Jill Stevens Administrator (job share) (3)32343
Claudia Padovani Administrator (7)65779
Colin Long Apprenticeship Manager (7)65780
John Nicolson Technician Commitment Co-ordinator (7)65775