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In March 2020 the University made the decision to support employees who were required, or requested, to work remotely overseas on the basis that this was an exceptional and temporary arrangement that had arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, due to the enduring nature of the pandemic it was necessary to review the University’s position in order to ensure compliance with overseas regulations and mitigate any risks, including costs.

At the beginning of Michaelmas term, the University requested that all Institutions support the return/relocation of employees to the UK by 31 December 2020, with guidance and advice provided by the University’s Global Mobility Adviser (GMA). The University’s position on this remains unchanged; employees who have not returned / relocated are expected to do so as soon as possible, unless otherwise agreed with their Institution.

This revised Covid-19 guidance sets out options available to those who did not return/relocate by 31December 2020 and (subject to approval from their institution) choose to remain overseas.  You can access the guidance document via Sharepoint.

An Open Letter to Employees has also been prepared to assist Institutions in their discussions with employees, if required. The letter summarises the risks in terms of cost and compliance associated with overseas working.

There is also a one-page summary which highlghts the key implications and costs associated with overseas working, although further guidance can be found in the Global Mobility Policy.