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The University has approved the extension of the furlough scheme until the 31 October 2020, in line with the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Furloughed staff will continue to receive 100% of their pay and benefits throughout this period.

Only those staff who have had at least one 3 week qualifying period of furlough before the 30 June are eligible for the CJRS in the period 1 July to 31 October.

Flexible furlough

In line with the CJRS, from 1 July staff who are on furlough will, where appropriate and agreed in advance with the University, be able to undertake work on a part-time basis.   

Flexible furlough agreements will be issued, as appropriate, to members of staff confirming the extension up to 31 October. These agreements will not set out specific hours but will advise that hours and days of work will be agreed, in writing, with their line manager.  

Departments are therefore required to agree any new working hours or patterns with the member of staff in advance and confirm this in writing to the individual. Reasonable notice of at least 7 calendar days should be given (e.g. to allow people to make childcare or other arrangements).

To ensure that the administration (and subsequent claim for reimbursement) does not become overly complicated and difficult to administer the following limitations to flexible furlough will apply: 

  • Departments are discouraged from agreeing rotating working patterns (e.g. where a department wishes to share available work between a number of staff) of less than a week.  
  • Where possible, any part-time hours should be within the member of staff’s normal working hours
  • Flexible furlough is not generally considered to be applicable to individuals on variable / zero hours or casual contracts, as they are paid only for the hours they actually work.  Staff on such contracts are either likely to be working, and therefore not furloughed; or not working and fully furloughed.


  1. Departments will continue to be sent weekly burst reports showing all employees who have been identified as being on furlough. The report will also indicate which of those employees have been included in the CJRS claim.  
  2. To notify HR of the start of flexible furlough for an individual, the effective date should be completed in the relevant column.
  3. Departments should also use the weekly burst report to identify any errors in the data.
  4. The amended report should be returned by email to the HR coronavirus inbox, as soon as possible. 
  5. For any member of staff being placed on flexible furlough, HR will issue a flexible furlough agreement (copied to the relevant department) for the remaining period of furlough (31 October 2020). 
  6. Departments are responsible for agreeing and confirming any changes of working hours, in writing, with the member of staff.
  7. During the period of flexible furlough, and where the University has included an employee within a claim under the CJRS, the department must keep and submit an accurate record of the hours that the individual works in any period. The University will use this data to make a claim for the appropriate proportion of costs under the CJRS, where applicable. 
  8. For these individuals, the department should record the hours actually worked using the timesheet template for the relevant month provided below. The format of this spreadsheet MUST not be changed as this will affect the subsequent processing of data and may result in individuals not being included in the CJRS claim for that month. The monthly spreadsheet of hours should be submitted to the HR coronavirus inbox by 7th of the following month e.g. hours for July should be submitted by 7th August.
  9. Departments should continue to use the weekly burst report to notify HR of any periods of furlough that have ended. The end date should be the day before the individual returns to work. 
  10. In due course, all individuals whose current furlough agreement has an end date of 31 July 2020 will be extended to the 31 October 2020. Each extension agreement will specify that should the individual be asked back to work before 31 October 2020, the furlough agreement will end on the earlier date.

Timesheet templates


Last updated: 22 July 2020