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Human Resources


About the Form

Everyone with responsibility for recruitment in UAS is asked to consider early once a vacancy is identified whether the vacancy needs to be refilled in its current form. We should all be imaginative about the refilling of posts and the creation of new posts so that we do so in as effective a way as possible.

To support this process, UAS have created an informal protocol whereby proposals to fill vacancies or to refill fixed term posts within UAS must be sent to a small group of senior Professional Services staff who will consider whether or not the post should be (re)filled as proposed. Only once this group has given permission to fill will the vacancy be able to be advertised/refilled.

Using the form

The form below should be completed by the line manager to the post and signed off by the Head of Department or Section before being considered by the Resourcing Group. Once the Resourcing Group sign off on the proposed means of filling the vacancy, the recruiting team should then proceed with the Recruitment process through the Recruitment Administration System (RAS) as normal.

Obtaining a copy of the form