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This report is run directly from CHRIS and is designed to show all occupied established offices in a Department at the start of the academical year, ie 1 October. An established office is defined as any position on CHRIS having an employment basis of:

  • Established - Permanent, or
  • Established - One Tenure


These will show the School, Faculty and Department name, for example:

  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Institute of Criminology

Order of Offices

Office holders are shown in the following order:

  1. Professors and Directors
  2. Readers
  3. University Senior Lecturers
  4. University Lecturers
  5. Other Academic Offices, e.g. Assistant Directors of Research and Curators
  6. Academic-related Offices, e.g. Computer Officers and Departmental Secretaries

Information shown for each Office

  • Name
  • College affiliation: this will be shown as the College initial followed by (H) for a Head of College or (F) for a Fellow
  • Post ID: the post reference number in CHRIS
  • Position ID: the position reference number in CHRIS for the current position occupied
  • Est Status: OP for Established Permanent and OE for Established One Tenure
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Appointment: this is the start date of the current appointment and not the joining date when the person first started working for the University
  • Reappointment Date: this will be the date when the limit of tenure falls due
  • Retirement Year
  • Other Positions: for example where a Curatorship may be held in conjunction with a Professorship or Readership
  • Remarks: this column will show the specific position title where this differs from the generic heading (since Professorships and Readerships are established in named fields)






To show all occupied established offices in a Department at the start of the academical year.

Who to contact


  • The Underlying Office. The concept of the underlying office is intended to provide a form of Establishment Control and to represent the base level at which any Academic office is established. Most University Offices are University Teaching Officers (UTOs). The default appointment—and therefore the most enduring position attached to the post on CHRIS—will be at the University Lecturer level. When an academic is successful in obtaining a personal promotion the person is appointed to a higher office (e.g. a Senior Lectureship, Readership or Professorship that is Established - One Tenure) on the understanding that when that office is vacated it will be suppressed and the underlying office (Established - Permanent) will be the one to fall vacant.

Vacant offices, even permanently established ones, and unestablished offices are not shown on this report.

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

No specific HR Policy or Procedure applies.