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The University can host individuals undertaking work experience/internships through Tier 5 (GAE). However, the following conditions apply in these cases:

  • The individual wishing to undertake the work experience/internship must approach an overarching body to be their sponsor. Only certain bodies are approved as sponsors for work experience purposes. See the link for full details.
  • The University of Cambridge does not issue the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). It is the responsibility of the individual wishing the undertake the internship/work experience to obtain a┬áCoS through an overarching body which they then use to apply for a Tier 5 (GAE) visa. The┬áhosting department/institution may be required to provide a letter for the purposes of the visa application which sets out the nature of the work they will undertake.
  • Tier 4 students are permitted to switch to Tier 5 (GAE) for the purposes of undertaking work experience.

After the individual has been issued a Tier 5 (GAE) visa, the department/institution must complete the right to work check as standard before the individual starts work.

Further guidance can be found on Pages 14, 19 and 20 of the Tier 5 policy guidance.