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Permitted Paid Engagements (PPE)

Certain visitors can come to the UK for up to one month and be paid by the University. These visitors are undertaking permitted paid engagements (PPE). This route covers visiting examiners assessors & lecturers, overseas designated pilot examiners, qualified lawyers, and professional artists, entertainers & sportspersons.

The first category is applicable to the University and is available to visitors who are coming to:

  • Give a lecture or series of lectures (but not undertake a formal teaching role),
  • Examine students, or
  • To participate in or chair selection panels

In order to qualify for entry under the PPE route, the individual must be able to show that they have a formal invitation to carry out the engagement, and that the specific activity relates to their area of expertise and/or qualifications, and full-time occupation overseas.


An application for a PPE must meet the criteria set out by UKVI.

The University must support the individual in gaining entry to the UK by issuing a formal written invitation (link to 'Forms' section) for them to come here. In addition, the individual must be able to show the Home Office entry clearance officer that they are qualified to perform the paid engagements or that the engagements relate to their area of expertise, qualifications or occupation. The Home Office suggests that certificates relating to their educational qualifications and a letter from their employer confirming their current employment and expertise in the relevant field.

Whilst an individual holds a PPE visa they cannot:

  • Do specific paid work unrelated to their main job or area of expertise
  • Extend the visa or switch to another visa
  • Have recourse to public funds
  • Study
  • Marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership
  • Get private medical treatment
  • Bring family members on their application - they must apply separately

Applying for a PPE visa

Applications for entry under this route cannot be made from inside the UK.

For visa nationals (UK immigration law dictates that nationals of certain countries must always have a visa to enter the UK. These are visa nationals), they must always apply for a visa in advance before coming to the UK. This is known as entry clearance.

Non-visa nationals seeking leave to enter as a PPE visitor for up to one month do not need apply for a visa in advance. They can seek ‘leave to enter’ at any UK port from an immigration officer. The individual will require the invitation letter from the University in order to gain entry.

Paying PPE visitors

PPE visitors are generally paid through the University Payment System (UPS).