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Tier 2 (General) visas

Summary of Criteria

Employing individuals through a Tier 2 (General) visa is a complex process, involving numerous procedures, which must be followed precisely in order to comply with immigration legislation.

The step by step process is detailed below:

1. The job must meet minimum skill level and salary requirements;

2. If required, the job must have been advertised meeting the requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test;

3. The rules concerning the selection process must have been followed;

4. To obtain the Tier 2 visa, the individual must be eligible to apply;

5. A Certificate of Sponsorship must be obtained from the Compliance Team;

6. The individual must apply for and obtain the visa;

7. Prior to commencement of employment and throughout employment, the Department must comply with the sponsor duties.

Visa Loan Scheme

Current and prospective staff members have access to the Visa Loan Scheme, which provides loans of up £8,000 to use towards meeting the costs associated with Tier 2 visas for staff members and their dependants. Full details including the application procedure and eligibility criteria can be found here.