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For advice on deciding the most appropriate way to pay a worker (to decide if they are self-employed or not), use the Decision Tree and contact Tax team.

If your casual worker is an administrative member of staff, you should use the Temporary Employment Service to process the worker. You should also use the Temporary Employment Service if you need help finding an appropriate worker from their pool of administrative candidates.

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Accessing Dashboard as a Department user

All University staff who are responsible for managing casual workers will be given a Dashboard account. Requests for new users should be sent to the HR Systems Service Desk ( Requests should be sent by a current CHRIS Key Contact - access for a new user will not be granted without the permission of a CHRIS Key Contact.

Department Users can be granted one of three different roles:

  • Department Assistant (with permissions to conduct Right to Work checks, approve workers and create bookings)
  • Department Coordinator (with additional permissions to assign workers to bookings)
  • Department Manager (with further permissions to approve timesheets and expenses)

All requests for new users should confirm the permission level they require.

All requests to remove Department users should be sent to Departments are responsible for ensuring relevant people have access to their system.

You can access Dashboard here.

How to Guides/Training

We have provided a suite of training options for you to use to understand how to use Dashboard. They can be found in our Training Library for Department Users.

How to Engage a Casual Worker
  1. Check that the individual is registered in Dashboard.  If not, send them the link to the webpage to create an account.
  2. Conduct a Right to Work check for all registered workers using the documents uploaded by the worker to their personal Dashboard profile.  Once this is complete, you can approve the worker to be booked into jobs.
  3. All work must be booked in advance.  If your worker is not registered and booked before the work is scheduled, then they cannot perform the work.
  4. Create the booking on Dashboard and assign the appropriate worker for the system to generate the automatic Workers Agreement.
  5. A timesheet will be automatically generated on Dashboard. Review the timesheets on a weekly basis – workers are required to submit their timesheets by 5pm each Monday. Departments should approve timesheets by 5pm each Thursday. As workers will be paid on a monthly basis (on the 15th of the month), all timesheets submitted by the last Monday of the month should be approved by the department by 5pm on the Thursday of that same week. A Payroll calendar can be found here.
Selecting the appropriate Booking Type

Dashboard allows us to create six different booking types depending on whether the hours are for a fixed time or not, and how you plan to find a worker to assign to the booking/job.

This Booking Type Quick Help Guide will help you to decide the best Booking type to use.

Important notes
  • Workers will not be registered indefinitely. If a worker has not been paid for three months and has no future bookings in Dashboard, they will be deactivated.  Deactivated workers can be reactivated by Department Managers when they are needed in a new booking. Workers will be deleted from the system entirely if they have not had any work assignments for more than 16 months. Workers who have been deleted will have to re-register.
  • A worker can deactivate their account themselves at any point. If a Department wishes to deactivate a worker for a particular reason, they should contact explaining the reason why.  Workers will be automatically deactivated if their Right to Work documents expire.
  • Casual workers paid to undertake examining activities for undergraduate (lower) degrees should be paid via Dashboard.  Workers paid to undertake examining activities for graduate (higher) degrees should be paid via UPS1.
  • Workers will accrue an additional 12.07% in holiday entitlement.  A worker can make a request to their department to take this leave as paid leave from work.  The Department should decide if this is operationally possible.  If it is, the Department should contact who will handle the administration of this on the system.  If it is not possible, you should reject the request.   All workers will be paid their entitlement, in addition to their hourly pay, if they have not had the chance to take it as paid leave from work.  Departments should remember to factor in the additional 12.07% on top of the hourly rate that appears in Dashboard when budgeting for casual workers.  Cost codes will be charged for the hourly rate PLUS holiday pay.
Monthly cut off dates for payroll

Workers will be paid on the 15th of each month for the previous month worked.  Each month there will be an agreed cut-off date for workers to submit timesheets for you to approve and a corresponding date you for you ensure timesheets have been approved so that they can be processed by Payroll.

Those dates can be found here.



Approving workers on Student (Tier 2) visas

If you have a worker on a Student Visa with restrictions on the number of hours they are able to work each week, you should email with the following information, before approving the worker’s profile:

  • Name of the Worker
  • Department they are assigned to

The HR Compliance Team will access the worker’s profile via Dashboard and review the RTW documentation. They will be responsible for entering and checking the Term Dates and maximum permitted hours of work for the worker.  As soon as they have completed these checks, they will inform you that you can approve the worker.

This process replaces the old HR35a process.

Pay rates

Casual workers will be paid at an hourly rate via Dashboard.  Fee payments are not possible in the system so all fee payments will need to be converted to an hourly rate.

Where possible, departments should align pay rates to the University Single Salary Spine rates.  If this is not possible, a rationale should be provided why the rate of pay is different.

Dashboard is pre-loaded with the University’s already accepted pay rates for certain roles (e.g. Lecturing, Examining, Demonstrating). If a Department requires a new Job Title and pay rate adding to the system, they should send an email to stating the Job Title, Hourly Pay Rate and Department this job needs to appear in.

Workers Agreements

Dashboard generates the Workers Agreement automatically removing any need to send additional copies of these to workers.  When a Booking is created and a worker assigned to the Booking, the system will email the Workers Agreement to the worker (the email will contain the details of the Booking/Job as well as a link to the Terms & Conditions). All Bookings should be created in advance of the work happening.

If a situation occurs when a worker has already completed work before being sent the Booking details, Departments should contact the Team who will process the Booking as an After the Event Booking. Departments should ensure all colleagues who engage workers in the department understand the importance of conducting Right to Work checks and sending the relevant Workers Agreement to a worker IN ADVANCE of the work taking place.


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