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Human Resources

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Monday, 13 October, 2014
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Following HR Committee approval, the HR Division has begun trialling the use of social media in the recruitment process.  The aim is to use social media channels as an additional means of promoting the University as an employer, highlighting specific job opportunities and attracting potential candidates who may not normally be reached through more traditional recruitment channels.

We have now launched a careers page on the University’s Linked In account: Linked In is the world’s largest professional network with over 259 million members worldwide.

HR has met the cost of 5 small job advert slots on the Linked In careers page for 12 months. These will be updated by HR with different jobs every other week. As well as being visible to those who search for the University’s page, the adverts will feature on the profiles of Linked In members with skills and experience relevant to a particular role. Advert details will also be included in job vacancy emails sent to relevant members by Linked In.

Additionally, HR has purchased a recruiter licence for a year, which enables HR users to search Linked In’s user database and identify Linked In members with relevant skills and experience. They can then be contacted with details of an opportunity for which they may be interested in making an application.

Both of these new recruitment tools will support more conventional recruitment advertising by highlighting vacancies of possible interest to those who may not be actively seeking work but may consider the right opportunity. This can be particularly useful for specialist or hard-to-fill vacancies.

Next Steps

If your department/institution has any specialist or hard-to-fill jobs over the next 12 months that you or one of your colleagues would like to advertise on Linked In, or if you wish to use the Linked In recruiter licence, please email your request to Depending on demand for these services, the HR Division may have to assess requests based on priority order and/or potential benefit.

It is important to keep the content of the University’s Linked In careers page fresh and dynamic with University news, events, employee profiles and so on in order to engage users and encourage return visits. Please email if your department/institution has any information like this that you would be willing to be shared in this way over the next year.

Please share this communication with colleagues in your department/institution who may be interested in this new HR initiative.

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Details of social media recruitment tools now offered to departments/institutions by the HR Division free of charge for the next 12 months.