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Q. What is CAMbens Discounts?

CAMbens Discounts is shopping discounts scheme for University of Cambridge employees. Through the scheme employees have access to online and telephone discounts, can receive cash back on purchases and can purchase discounted vouchers and reloadable cards to use in store.

Q. What’s the catch?

There is no catch! The University values its employees and provides CAMbens Discounts as part of the overall employee benefits package.

Q. Why am I having problems registering?

Please check the details you have entered are correct and your payroll number matches the number shown on your payslip.

If you are new to the University please try to register again later as details of new staff are collected fortnightly, meaning there may be a short delay before your eligibility can be confirmed.

Also the scheme is only available to current University of Cambridge employees who have a payroll number, so if this does not apply to you you would not be able to access the scheme.

If you continue to have problems please contact the CAMbens Discounts helpdesk.

Q. Where can I access the CAMbens Discounts Website?

You can access it from any computer or device with access to the internet. The website is available at

Q. Can I choose what type of saving I receive, such as online discount, cashback or discounted voucher?

The retailers choose which type of saving they offer and the University does not have control over this. However, there is a wide range of offers available and over 2,000 retailers so we hope that employees are able to find the right offer for them.

Q. Why can’t I use my University ID card in shops rather than having to access the offer online?

As there are over 2,000 retailers that are part of CAMbens Discounts it is not possible to give the option of having access to discounts with your University card. However, there are a number of local discounts outside of the CAMbens Discounts scheme that are available by showing your University card.

Also if you prefer to shop in store, rather than online you may be interested in discounted vouchers or reloadable cards

Q. Why am I getting emails from CAMbens Discounts?

At registration employees are asked if they would like to receive a regular email newsletter, which gives details of special offers and new discounts. You can unsubscribe to these emails by clicking on the link in the email or through your account under the ‘My account’ section.