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Please note, the following questions should be read in conjunction with the membership terms and conditions set by the Sports Centre before participating in the scheme. If you have any further questions please call the Sports Centre on 01223 336580.

Q. What is the gym salary exchange scheme?

The gym salary exchange scheme enables the University to provide membership at the Sports Centre to employees through salary exchange. This means that you can receive Income Tax and National Insurance savings that can be equivalent to up to 41% of the membership cost.

Q. What is a salary exchange arrangement?

A salary exchange takes place when you agree to exchange part of your pay in return for your employer providing some form of non-cash benefit, in this case membership.

Q. How are savings made?

Savings are made because salary exchange reduces your gross salary before any tax or NI has been deducted so the amount of tax and NI paid is less than usual.

Q. What are the savings?

Typical savings are equivalent to 30.6% of the price of membership but the precise amount depends on your personal tax band. If you are taxed at the higher or additional tax rate you will save a bit more (around 42% or 47%) than someone who pays standard rate tax.

For a generic example of savings, please see the main gym scheme page.

Q. What happens if I leave the University, are made redundant or my contract is terminated?

If your employment with the University ceases for any reason, a member of the gym will contact you to discuss the available options to continue your membership via a different payment method. If no response is received your membership will be automatically cancelled and expire on the last day of the month in which your employment ends.

Q. How long is the membership period?

The salary exchange membership period is 12 months as per the staff membership terms and conditions.

Please note that if your salary is on or close to the National Minimum Wage, you may be offered alternative payment options. You will be contacted during the application process if this applies to you.

Q. What happens at the end of the 12 month salary exchange membership period?

Your annual membership and salary deductions will automatically renew and continue for a further 12 months, unless you notify the Sports Centre that you wish to cancel or opt out of renewing your membership. For full details please refer to the staff membership terms and conditions or contact the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580.