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To be eligible for the CAMbens Gym scheme you must:

  • be a University of Cambridge employee with at least 9 months remaining on your contract of employment at the time of joining the salary exchange scheme.
  • earn above the National Minimum Wage after the salary exchange deduction.
  • be a UK taxpayer (pay tax and NI via PAYE).
  • be aged 18 years or over.

Choice of membership tier, benefits and annual fees

You will be able to choose from a selection of three membership tiers; blue, gold and red, provided that the cost/salary exchange amount does not take you below the national minimum wage.

Member Benefit Blue
Peak access to Fitness Facilities  
Off-peak access to Fitness Facilities
Reduced Rate for Casual Sports Bookings
All classes included    
Reduced Rate for All Classes  

Membership contract details

The salary exchange contract term is 12 months. In exceptional circumstances members may request to cancel or suspend their membership prior to the full 12 month contract being completed. This is subject to meeting the criteria set out in the staff membership terms and conditions or where an acceptable lifestyle change applies. For full details and procedures please see the FAQ's section.