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Please note, the following questions should be read in conjunction with the staff membership terms and conditions set by the Sports Centre before participating in the scheme. If you have any further questions please call the Sports Centre on 01223 336580.

The gym salary exchange scheme enables the University to provide gym membership at the Sports Centre to employees through salary exchange. This means that you can receive Income Tax and National Insurance savings that can be equivalent to up to 41% of the gym membership cost.

A salary exchange takes place when you agree to exchange part of your pay in return for your employer providing some form of non-cash benefit, in this case gym membership.

Savings are made because salary exchange reduces your gross salary before any tax or NI has been deducted so the amount of tax and NI paid is less than usual.

Typical savings are equivalent to 30.6% of the price of gym membership but the precise amount depends on your personal tax band. If you are taxed at the higher or additional tax rate you will save a bit more (around 42% or 47%) than someone who pays standard rate tax.

For a generic example of savings, please see the main gym scheme page.

If your employment with the University ceases for any reason, a member of the gym will contact you to discuss the available options to continue your gym membership via a different payment method. If no response is received your membership will be automatically cancelled and expire on the last day of the month in which your employment ends.

The salary exchange membership period is 12 months as per the staff membership terms and conditions.

Please note that if your salary is on or close to the National Minimum Wage, you may be offered alternative payment options. You will be contacted during the application process if this applies to you.

Your annual membership and salary deductions will automatically renew and continue for a further 12 months, unless you notify the Sports Centre that you wish to cancel or opt out of renewing your membership. For full details please refer to the staff membership terms and conditions or contact the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580.

A 14 day cooling off period applies to all new Memberships, from the date of any application for Membership. During this cooling off period, the Member may cancel their Membership by contacting the Head of Operations of the Department in writing.

In exceptional circumstances members may request to cancel or suspend their membership prior to a 12 month contract being completed. This is subject to meeting the criteria set out in the staff membership terms and conditions or where an acceptable lifestyle change applies.

A lifestyle change may include:

  • Marriage or civil partnership.
  • Birth or at key stages in adoption of a child.
  • Notification of pregnancy or commencement of/return from maternity leave.
  • Divorce/legal separation/dissolution of civil partnership.
  • Death of a partner or dependant.
  • Long-term sickness of a child.
  • Commencement of/return from long-term sick leave/starting receipt of long-term disability benefit.
  • Redundancy, loss of job or change in working pattern of a partner.
  • Commencement of or return from unpaid leave of greater than 3 months (adoption, additional paternity, career break, etc.).
  • A significant change in working hours (20% or more).
  • Decrease in Reference Salary of 20% or more.
  • Commencement of/return from an overseas secondment.
  • Moving house.

Members are also able to request an amendment to change their gym membership tier and monthly salary deduction (i.e. upgrade or downgrade to blue, gold or red). However this will be restricted to one change per membership year.

In calculating all other payments to you such as out of hours payments, total unreduced salary will be used.

You will receive any relevant pay awards based on your unreduced salary.

Your pension contributions are payable on your full salary. Consequently, your pension and related benefits are not affected by the exchange.

A salary exchange scheme permits you to give up part of the ‘cash benefit’ due under your contract of employment, usually in return for some form of ‘non-cash benefit’. The exchange is achieved by varying your terms and conditions of employment relating to pay and results in savings on national insurance contributions and income tax. Please note that the value of the non-cash benefit is not pensionable in the NHS Pension Scheme. Your pension scheme contributions will only be based on the reduced salary. This means that benefits (including those payable following death in service) may be significantly reduced if claimed during a period when salary is exchanged.

If you require further information about the impact of your pension deductions and entitlement please contact the Pensions Section. If you are on any other pension scheme you will need to check the implications of entering into a salary exchange scheme with your provider.

Where you have chosen to take unpaid leave your membership and salary exchange deductions will be automatically suspended and will resume on your return to work, unless you opt to:

  1. Continue membership for the duration of leave by agreeing to a lump sum salary exchange deduction to cover the duration of leave; or
  2. Continue membership for the duration of leave with payments via an alternative arrangement that will be agreed with the University at the time.

Please contact your HR School team or the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580 if you believe this applies to you.

The salary exchange will continue throughout your absence period (whether you are in receipt of full or half pay). Reductions in salary will not however be applied to any protected payments such as Statutory Sick Pay or if your salary after salary exchange falls below the National Minimum Wage (‘eligible pay’).

If you are temporarily not in receipt of Eligible Pay, but remain an employee of the University, then the below options are available:

  1. Suspension or early termination of membership.
  2. Continue membership with payments via an alternative arrangement that will be agreed with the University at the time.

Please contact your HR School team or the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580 if you believe this applies to you.

During periods of maternity and paternity leave, the underlying salary exchange arrangement will only operate against the period of Enhanced Maternity Pay or Ordinary Paternity Pay (the first 18 or 2 weeks when staff remain on full pay) and not against the remainder of the maternity leave or additional paternity leave (up to 34 or 26 additional weeks). However membership status will be automatically retained for the full duration of leave. You can, if you wish, request a suspension or cancellation of your membership by contacting your HR School team or the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580.

Where you have selected to change your working hours, providing that your salary does not fall below the National Minimum Wage limit, salary exchange deductions will continue. Where your salary falls below the National Minimum Wage limit you will no longer be able to continue the salary exchange scheme and you will be contacted by the Sports Centre to arrange an alternative method of payment in order to continue your membership.

Please contact your HR School team or the Sports Centre directly on (01223) 336580 if you believe this applies to you.

Student loan repayment is based on a percentage of earnings over an allocated amount. This will alter as the trigger point is based on the salary on which the individual is liable to pay National Insurance Contributions (NICS). Under salary exchange the total gross salary on which NI is paid will reduce, so the loan repayments will reduce.

Advice can be obtained from the Inland Revenue Tax Credits helpline on 0845 300 3900 or visiting