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To apply:

  1. Visit the Sports Centre or click on the below links to:

    1. view the Centre's staff membership Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct;
    2. view the CAMbens Gym salary exchange scheme guidance and procedures.
    3. complete and send to the Sports Centre the fitness, strength and conditioning club membership application form.
  2. Pay the Centre membership fee and if appropriate any temporary membership fee directly to the Sports Centre.

  3. The Sports Centre will verify with the Payroll department that you meet the University's eligibility criteria.

    If you meet the criteria:
    The University will in turn, approve your request and set up your monthly payroll deduction. A member of the Sports Centre will contact you to confirm your membership details.
    If you do not meet the criteria:
    A member of the Sports Centre will notify you and also discuss other possible membership arrangements and methods of payment.
  4. Monthly reductions from gross salary, via salary exchange will commence. Your first payment will be taken from your salary in the next available pay run, followed by 11 monthly reductions thereafter.