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To be eligible for the scheme you must:

  • Be a University of Cambridge employee with at least 2 years and 3 months remaining on your contract of employment at the time you order your car.
  • Have completed 3 months continuous service at the time you order your car.
  • Earn above the National Minimum Wage after the salary exchange reduction.
  • Be a UK taxpayer (pay tax and NI via PAYE).
  • Hold a full UK or EU driving license which you have held for over 1 year.
  • Be up to date with any payments relating to the CAMbens Cars scheme in respect of any previous agreements (and any other University employee benefits schemes) at the point of placing an order.

Car choice criteria

You will be able to select from a predetermined list any make and model of car provided the CO2 emissions areĀ 75 g/km or less and provided that the cost does not take you below the national minimum wage. The cars available qualify as ultra-low emission vehicles, which are currently hybrid and electric vehicles. Further information on hybrid and electric vehicles are available from Tusker on 0333 400 2020.

You will be able to select from a full range of options and accessories as part of the quotation process and the cost of these will be included in the monthly reduction.

Vehicles are provided by Tusker.

Agreement details

The term of the agreement is 2 years.

You may only choose one vehicle through the CAMbens Cars scheme at a time.

You will be able to select the annual mileage that the agreement will be based on as part of the quotation process. There will be a charge for vehicles that are returned over the agreed mileage.