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You will be contacted by Tusker 6 months before the end of your agreement to see if you would like to order a new car when your current agreement ends. The choices available to you are to return the car at the end of the agreement, purchase the car or return the car and order a new CAMbens Car. You will be contacted again 3 months prior to the end of your agreement and then periodically thereafter until you have informed Tusker of your decision.

Ordering a new car

If you want to order a new car you can begin the quoting and order process from 6 months before your agreement ends. This is to ensure a vehicle can be ordered and made available for delivery when your existing agreement ends.

Gap between contract finishing and new contract starting

You may keep your existing CAMbens Car whilst waiting for delivery of a new CAMbens Car. We will continue to make monthly reductions from your salary for the additional period that you have the car. If this period is less than a full month we will still make a full reduction. We would recommend that you take delivery of your new Vehicle as near as possible to the date in the month you received your current Vehicle. The mileage will be calculated on a pro rata basis, based on the mileage you selected in your original agreement.

Purchasing the car at the end of the agreement

If you are considering purchasing your car you can phone the Tusker Driverline on 0333 400 2020 and they will be able to give you a price to purchase the vehicle. If you are buying the vehicle before the end of your agreement you will have to pay any early termination charges along with the purchase price. If you are buying your vehicle at the end of the agreement you can contact Tusker 30 days before the end of your agreement to obtain the purchase price and make arrangements for payment.

Returning the car at the end of the agreement

Tusker will arrange for the Vehicle to be collected at a time and place suitable for you. You do not need to be present as you are able to nominate anyone over 18 to sign the vehicle inspection form on handover.

You will need to ensure the Vehicle is legal to drive in terms of its condition.

The Vehicle should include the service book, mats, codes, keys and spare keys; you may be liable for a charge associated with replacing these where they are not included on return of the Vehicle which will be deducted through salary.

You will need to remove any accessories fitted to the Vehicle at your expense after delivery such as roof racks and all personal belongings. Any damage caused by the removal of such items will be charged to you and deducted through salary. Any items provided with the Vehicle must remain in the car on collection.

Please ensure that you check the Vehicle thoroughly for any personal items and remove them prior to collection. As the Vehicles are collected by agents, and in most cases are sent to auction, they may be disposed of shortly after collection from you has taken place. You will be responsible for collecting any personal items from where they are being held. Tusker will do everything they can to assist with the return of any personal items, but in some instances, this may not be possible.

You will need to ensure there is a 1/4 tank of fuel in the Vehicle.

Your Vehicle will be inspected by a qualified collection agent appointed by Tusker. A note of any damage will be made and the odometer reading taken. You or your nominated representative will need to sign an inspection report.

If you fail to return the vehicle at the agreed date the University will take action to recover the car from you.

Fair wear and tear policy

When the Vehicle has been collected it will be fully inspected. Tusker operates under the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association's (BVRLA) Fair Wear and Tear policy. As long as the damage to your CAMbens Car is in line with the normal wear and tear associated with running a car, you will not receive any charges. If your CAMbens Car has suffered any damage that is not classed as fair wear and tear, you will be notified and the amount taken through a deduction from your net salary.

Mileage of returned cars

Where you have exceeded any agreed mileage you will incur a charge for each exceeded mile through a deduction from your net salary. The pence per mile charge is stated on the Agreement. The mileage used to calculate the charge will be the odometer reading entered on the return vehicle paperwork less any mileage that was recorded on delivery. Deductions will be made to you through salary.

Please remember you can adjust the mileage allowance during the agreement if you feel you have under-estimated your total mileage or your circumstances have changed.

Early terminations

All requests for Early Terminations must be directed to Tusker. You will be liable for all costs associated with the Early Termination of the vehicle including an Early Termination Charge, save as set out in this clause. Costs associated with an Early Termination quotation will be deducted via payroll and any shortfall by arrangement with Payroll. Neither an Early Termination Charge or any other costs associated with termination will be payable in the event of death in service. Where the Early Termination is as a result of the Vehicle being declared a total loss by the insurers, there will be no Early Termination charge payable and you will not be liable for any costs associated with the Early Termination.

Please note that the salary reductions are collected in whole months and no credits will be given for part months. If you decide to return your car early you may wish to arrange a collection date that is as near as possible to the date in the month you received the car, as you will charged for the whole month regardless of the date you return the car. For example if you received your car on the 30th of the month you may wish to return your car on (or just before) the 29th of the month.

Early termination charge

The table below sets out number of rentals which will be due as an Early Termination Charge at the relevant month of the contract.

Months of Agreement since commencement date Charge in Monthly Reductions
1–12 5.0
13–15 4.0
16–18 3.0
19–21 2.0
22–24 0.5