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Validity of quotes

Once you have completed and saved a quote it will be valid for 14 days, subject to any manufacturer price increase or statutory changes.

Adding accessories after delivery

Additional dealer fit accessories can be added to your order by contacting the Tusker before placing your order. Accessories may also be fitted after delivery but you will need to seek approval from Tusker in advance. Accessories will not be covered by the scheme insurance arrangements and any initial charge, replacement or repair will be at your own expense.

If the car is returned at the end of the agreement, any accessories which have been fully paid for and added by you, and are removable, may be removed professionally at your expense prior to return. Alternatively, they may remain on the vehicle but no compensation will be made. Any original factory specification option must be refitted i.e. CD player.

Any costs resulting from any remedial work (including removal) that may be necessary will be charged to you.

Reimbursement for approved accessories purchased at your own expense cannot be sought from the University of Cambridge, Tusker or the insurers in the event of the vehicle being ‘written off’.

Private number plates

Personalised or Cherished plates can be added to your CAMbens Car. However you will be responsible for the initial transfer cost and transfer cost when the car is returned. For further details please contact Tusker prior to ordering your car.

Test drives

Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange test drives through Tusker. If you wish to test drive a car you can arrange this directly with a dealership.

Credit checks

No credit check is required.

Paperwork to be signed

You will be required to sign the following paperwork to join the CAMbens Car scheme:

  • Once you have submitted your request online, you will be asked to electronically agree to the Salary Exchange Agreement and Scheme Rules.
  • You will also be sent an electronic mandate to enable your driving licence to be checked with the DVLA. On delivery of your car you will need to sign a delivery form. You are advised to check the following before signing for delivery:
    • There is no damage.
    • The vehicle is the correct specification and colour.
    • The vehicle includes a driver manual and service book.
    • The vehicle includes mats.
  • On collection of your vehicle at the end of your agreement you will be required to sign a collection report which includes the mileage reading at the time of collection and details of any damage on your vehicle.


The length of time it takes between ordering your car and having it delivered will vary depending on your car choice.

When you have chosen a car, you will receive confirmation that your order has been placed and given an estimated delivery date. If this date changes by more than 7 days you will be advised of the new date by Tusker.

Once the vehicle is in stock you will be contacted to arrange a suitable delivery date. Deliveries can be made to a home or work address, Monday to Friday.

You must examine the vehicle promptly upon delivery. You will be asked to countersign a delivery inspection report. Your signature will be deemed confirmation that you accept the vehicle is free from any visible defects and damage or variance form specification. If you become aware of any defects, damage or variance from specification after delivery you must notify Tusker in writing within 48 hours.

Salary reductions

Due to payroll cut-off dates, your first salary reduction will commence either:

  1. On your usual salary payment date in the month which the Vehicle is delivered to you, or
  2. On your usual salary payment date, the month after you have taken delivery of the Vehicle. The payment cut-off date is in the first week of every month.

Payslip details

Your pay-slip will show a reduction in gross pay equal to the amount you have agreed to. Any additional deductions required in accordance with items specified through the Scheme Rules will show in the deductions section of your pay-slip.

By entering the Scheme you are agreeing to such deductions as are set out in these documents and these Scheme Rules being made from your net salary (in addition to the salary exchange).

You are responsible for checking your payslip on a monthly basis to ensure deductions and/or credits are correct. Any issues should be raised immediately via

Tax on company-provided cars (BIK)

Your CAMbens Car is treated as an employee benefit and is therefore subject to Benefit-In-Kind taxation (BIK). The amount of BIK you pay depends upon the ‘Taxable List Price of the car and any accessories’, fuel type, CO2 emissions of your car and your personal rate of tax.

You will be issued with a P11d statement annually which will advise you of your BIK.

Following notification to HMRC that you have taken delivery of the car your tax code, which states how much earnings you can be paid annually before tax is applied, will be altered to collect any BIK tax due.

The University of Cambridge will notify HMRC quarterly of employees who have taken delivery of a car via P46 reporting. HMRC will issue you with a new tax code and inform your payroll department to amend the tax code used on your payroll calculation. The time this takes will vary depending upon when your car is delivered in the quarterly cycle and how long it takes HMRC to process the adjustment to your tax code.

Shortly after delivery of your vehicle you will be sent notification of the taxable list price and CO2 of your chosen vehicle. If your tax code has not been adjusted in a reasonable time you will need to contact your HMRC office to notify them as it is ultimately your responsibility to declare your liability to tax on the benefit amount.