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You will need to apply for a certificate to redeem against your bicycle and/or safety equipment when you collect them from a participating bike shop.

Step 1. Check your savings and find your local partner store online at Then visit your chosen store to obtain a quote for your bike and/or equipment. Cyclescheme also work with a number of online retailers, such as Wiggle, Evans and Chain Reaction.

Step 2. Apply for your certificate at, selecting the amount you wish to salary sacrifice and signing your online hire agreement.

Step 3. Your request will be reviewed by the University.

Step 4. Cyclescheme send you your certificate by email.

Step 5. Exchange the certificate for the bicycle and/or safety equipment from the participating bike shop or online retailer.

Step 6. The value of your request will be deducted from your salary in equal payments over the next 10 months* – as the deductions are from gross salary you save 32%-42%.

Step 7. At the end of the hire period Cyclescheme will contact you to discuss your end of hire options. The most attractive option is to pay either 3% (if your bike package was under £500) or 7% (if your bike package was over £500) of the original cost (Certificate value) to enter into a 3 year extended agreement with Cyclescheme. During this agreement you will not be expected to make any further payment and ownership of the bike will transfer to you at the end. You may change employers during the agreement or use the scheme again if you wish.

*Salary deductions commence shortly after you receive your certificate so you are encouraged to redeem the certificate expediently.