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Human Resources


The University of Cambridge is committed to the principle of equal pay for work of equal value for all employees. The University aims to ensure its pay system is fair and just and that any sex bias is eliminated.

An equal pay review is a statistical analysis of an organisation's pay and HR data to identify and explain any gender-related pay differences and progress made towards addressing these.

The University of Cambridge has conducted regular Equal Pay Reviews since 2008 and these are now conducted every two years. In 2010 the University also identified a number of Key Performance Indicators to highlight key themes in equal pay at the University of Cambridge; these are also now included within reviews.

Two Groups have been established to oversee the Equal Pay Reviews:

The first, the University's Gender Equality Group (GEG):

  • Supports the work of the University in relation to Gender Equality.
  • Guides and develops the work of the Equal Pay Review Group (EPRG).
  • Oversees production of further Equal Pay Reviews, considers findings and instigates actions as appropriate.

The second, the University's Equal Pay Review Group (EPRG), oversees the content of the reviews and comprises members of the Human Resources Division, Trade Union representatives, and representatives from University Schools and Departments.

Equal Pay Reviews