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2.1 Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for Contribution Increments employees must:

  • be an academic-related or assistant staff member in grades 1 to 11;
  • have not yet reached the maximum contribution point for their grade; and
  • have been in their post performing their duties at the current grade for at least 1 year prior to 1 January 2019.

Staff are only eligible to receive one award (either a contribution increment or single contribution payment) in each annual exercise (or for awards outside the normal timetable, no more than one award per year).

2.2 Criteria

An employee put forward for this award should have demonstrated their contribution over a period of not less than 1 year, with evidence of continuous working at that level. There must be tangible evidence that their personal contribution, commitment, and exercise of initiative, is over and above what is expected of a person performing competently in that grade and consistent with the Institution's agreed objectives. Judgement on outstanding and sustained contribution should be relative to the expectations of the individual’s grade and relative to the contribution of other members of staff in the same Institution.

There should be a clear demonstration that the individual has increased his/her contribution to the University's objectives on an ongoing basis. If successful, this level of contribution then becomes the normal expectation for that member of staff. Please also refer to the additional considerations below.

2.3 Examples

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceptional achievements that have demonstrated attainment of additional knowledge/skills, resulting in an enhanced level of contribution within the existing grade.
  • Taking on additional responsibility (within the existing grade) on an ongoing basis that has positively impacted on the School/Faculty/Department/Division or University.
  • Demonstration of a consistently high standard of contribution over a sustained period of time.
  • Attainment of agreed long-term objectives to a consistently exceptional standard that have positively impacted on the School/Faculty/Department/Division or University.
  • Exceptionally high and sustained standard of customer service, with demonstrable impact on the service provided, and/or the reputation of the School/Faculty/Department/Division or University.

2.4 Additional considerations

Demonstration of staff contribution is the main focus of the award decisions. However, when reviewing the eligible population there are other points to take into consideration:

Time without an incremental point change

The time since the employee last received an incremental point change (through either service points or previous contribution increments) should also be considered when assessing proposals or encouraging applications. Priority may be given to cases where the individual has not received an incremental point change over a longer period compared to other employees (where budget restrictions cannot accommodate all awards), in order to reward their contribution and service. Using the additional information provided in the eligibility report for 2019, Awarding Authorities are encouraged to review all staff who are on their top service point and consider the number of years they have been there.

Gender equity and fairness

To ensure awards made through CRS are fair and equitable improved data will be provided for 2019, to support Heads of Institutions and Awarding Authorities to make their CRS decisions.


If, in addition to the above, the award of a contribution increment is needed to help retain the services of a particular member of staff, the case put forward must include relevant factual information to support the view that there is a significant risk that their services might otherwise be lost to the University.

2.5 Award details

The award of a contribution increment will adjust the employee’s salary to the specified spine point. Most successful proposals would result in the award of one contribution increment. Exceptional cases would need to be made for the award of more than one increment.

The award of contribution increment will be implemented in the March payroll, with effect from 1 January. Back pay from January to March will also be implemented in the March payroll.

2.6 Procedure

All cases must be made using form PD30a (for the proposal of Contribution Increments). Part one should be completed by the staff member who should put forward their own case for consideration. Part two should be completed by the immediate manager (in some cases this will be the Head of Institution) who must confirm whether or not he or she supports the case. Please note that there is no need for part one to be completed if the line manager is putting the member of staff forward for consideration. If this is the case the individual should be informed that a proposal has been put forward on their behalf.

The form should be submitted in accordance with the timetable set by the institution, which will be communicated at the start of the exercise.