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3.1 Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for Single Contribution Payments employees must:

  • be academic-related or assistant staff in grades 1–11 (at any point in their grade, including the top contribution point); and
  • have been in their post performing their duties at the current grade for at least 3 months prior to 1 January 2019.

Staff are only eligible to receive one award (either a single contribution payment or contribution increment) in each annual exercise (or for awards outside the normal timetable, no more than one award per year).

3.2 Criteria

Employee's exceptional contribution will normally be in respect of a one-off task or project that is finite in nature. Awards can be made on an individual basis (individual award) or as a team (team award) where the one-off task or project is a result of the joint efforts and combined achievements of two or more individuals.

It should be noted that single contribution payments are not to be used to reward temporary acting-up to a higher grade, which should be recompensed through an Additional Responsibility Payment.

3.3 Examples

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing a major task or project ahead of schedule, coupled with resultant savings in resources.
  • Contributing to the effective handling of a one off event, showing exceptional commitment or adaptability beyond that generally required of staff at that grade.
  • Tackling successfully an unplanned or unexpected task, crisis/emergency, or incident involving complexity.
  • Suggestion or design of an innovative approach, solution or idea for the improvement to a working practice or process within the team/unit/section/department/University. This may have lead to greater efficiency, improved quality, cost savings etc., which contributed to the achievement of School/Faculty/ Department/University objectives.
  • Achieving a particularly challenging goal or objective, e.g. overcoming a significant obstacle to ensure a deadline is met.

3.4 Award details

Individual awards

The award for a single contribution payment will be a one-off non-pensionable payment of 3% of salary (pro-rated for part time staff) payable in the March payroll.

Team awards

Team single contribution payments will be one-off non-pensionable payments of 2% of salary for each of the individuals involved (pro-rated for part time staff) payable in the March payroll.

Future awards and consideration of contribution increments

It is not normally appropriate for applications for single contribution payments to be received for the same or similar reasons for more than two consecutive years for the same employee. This would normally indicate that the case no longer meets the criteria for a reward designed to recognise single exceptional contributions, but matches the criteria for a contribution increment. In the exceptional event of a single contribution payment being requested in the third consecutive year, consideration will be given by the Awarding Authority to the award of a consolidated contribution increment in place of the third single contribution payment.

3.5 Procedure

All cases must be made using form PD30b (for the proposal of Single Contribution Payments). Part one should be completed by the staff member who should put forward their own case for consideration. Part two should be completed by the immediate manager (in some cases this will be the Head of Institution) who must confirm whether or not he or she supports the case. Please note that there is no need for part one to be completed if the line manager is putting the member of staff forward for consideration. If this is the case the individual should be informed that a proposal has been put forward on their behalf.

The form should be submitted in accordance with the timetable set by the institution, which will be communicated at the start of the exercise.