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Awarding Authorities are asked to note the timetable below which will enable successful awards to be implemented in March 2019.



09 November 2018

Human Resources distributes listings of staff eligible for the Contribution Reward Scheme and Management Information.

As soon as possible

Awarding Authorities inform institutions of the deadline to submit cases.

As soon as possible

Institutions circulate details of the Contribution Reward scheme to staff confirming the deadline for proposals to be submitted.

By deadline set by Institution

Individuals submit cases by completing part 1 of either the PD30a (for contribution increments) or PD30b (for single contribution payments) form.

By deadline set by Awarding Authority

Institutions complete part 2 of either the PD30a or PD30b form(s) and submit supported and unsupported applications to the relevant Awarding Authority.

By 15 February 2019

Awarding Authorities agree outcomes, confirm to Heads of Institutions, complete the summary of outcomes pro-forma and submit to

By 15 March 2019

Heads of institutions write to staff with the outcome of their Contribution Reward Scheme applications.

March 2019 Payroll

Human Resources implements awards.

6.1 Awards outside the normal timetable

If it is considered essential to make a recommendation outside the normal timetable, for example a reorganisation has taken place part way through the year, an equivalent qualifying period would normally be needed prior to the proposed effective date of a contribution reward. Heads of Institutions are advised to consult their HR Business Manager or HR Adviser.