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Professorial Pay Review 2016

The application portal for the Professorial Pay Review 2016 is now closed.


Committee Membership

Committee membership has been finalised for the Professorial Pay Review 2016 and is published below:


Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Committee

Sir Graeme Davies, (Lincoln) (Chairman)

Professor Sir Jonathan Bate (Oxford) (Arts and Humanities)

Professor Sir Brian Heap (Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine)

Professor Martin Daunton (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Professor Sir David Wallace (Physical Sciences)

Professor Peter Wells, (Cardiff) (Technology)

Vice Chancellor

Ms Emma Stone (Director of HR) (Secretary)


School Committees

Arts and Humanities

Professor Martin Millett, Head of School (Chair)

Professor Nick Cook, Faculty of Music

Professor Simon Franklin, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages

Professor Ian McFarland, Faculty of Divinity

Professor Rae Langton, Faculty of Philosophy

Professor Sir Jonathan Bate (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)


Biological Sciences

Professor Abby Fowden, Head of School (Chair)

Professor Michael Akam, Department of Zoology

Professor Andrea Brand, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Professor Gerard Evan, Department of Biochemistry

Professor Ottoline Leyser, Sainsbury Laboratory

Professor Sir Brian Heap (shared with Clinical Medicine) (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)


Clinical Medicine

Professor Patrick Maxwell, Head of School (Chair)

Professor John Danesh, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Professor Sue Gathercole, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Professor Paul Luzio, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

Professor Sylvia Richardson, Institute of Public Health

Professor Sir Brian Heap (shared with Biological Sciences) (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)


Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Phil Allmendinger, Head of School (Chair)

Professor Sanjeev Goyal, Faculty of Economics

Professor Geoff Hayward, Faculty of Education

Professor Joel Robbins, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Professor Sarah Worthington, Faculty of Law

Professor Martin Daunton (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)


Physical Sciences

Professor Lindsay Greer, Head of School (Chair)

Professor Ash Amin, Department of Geography

Professor Dame Athene Donald, Department of Physics

Professor John Pyle, Department of Chemistry

Professor David Spiegelhalter, Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Professor Sir David Wallace (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)



Professor Richard Prager, Head of School (Chair)

Professor Ann Dowling, Department of Engineering

Professor Lynn Gladden, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Professor Andrew Hopper, Computer Laboratory

Professor Christoph Loch, Judge Business School

Professor Peter Wells (VC’s Advisory Committee)

Ms Emma Stone, HR Division (Secretary)



School level Committees are scheduled for January 2017

The Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Committee is scheduled for March 2017

Outcomes to be communicated in April 2017



Archive documents

Archive PPR documentation from the 2016 exercise is available below for your reference:


Letter from the Director of HR dated July 2016 Letter from the Director of HR dated July 2016

Professorial report form Professorial report form

Guidance notes Guidance notes


If you have any questions in relation to the Professorial Pay Review please contact the PPR Co-ordinator:

Phone: +44 (0)1223 764842