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The Head of Institution or her/his nominee/representative will identify your immediate supervisor at the start of your employment, who will normally be the Principal Investigator. If your supervisor is not the grant holder for the particular research project on which you are employed, the involvement of the grant holder in the management of the project will be explained.


Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the proper induction of new members of staff. In addition to explaining the full responsibilities of your job (see Probation), including the standards expected, institutional practices, reporting requirements of the sponsor and other such management issues, your induction should include introduction to work colleagues, familiarisation with the institution's facilities, amenities, policies and procedures and safety and security practices. Research objectives and work performance should also be regularly discussed. You may find completing the Induction Checklist and on-line induction module helpful tools in following this process. Attendance at the University's lunchtime Research Staff Welcome briefing is encouraged.

Summary Project Plan

Your PI or supervisor should give you a summary project plan, clarifying what you are expected to contribute to the research project. These expectations may change as you settle into your role.