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There is a range of supporting information for this policy, both internal and external to the University including:

  • The Screening Policy sets out the University’s approach to pre-employment checks, including DBS checks and basic disclosures for those working with children and vulnerable adults.
  • The Identify required screening checks section of the Recruitment Guidance sets out how departments/institutions must ensure that required pre-employment checks (including DBS checks) are correctly specified within role descriptions and on CHRIS (HR and Payroll’s Information System).
  • The Make an offer and send rejection letters section of the Recruitment Guidance provides a template conditional offer letter which must be used to explain to a preferred candidate that their offer of employment is conditional upon the satisfactory completion of pre-employment checks (including DBS checks and basic disclosures).
  • The Disclosure and Barring section of the Recruitment Guidance explains eligibility for DBS checks, the process for requesting DBS checks for new/current employees and how/when to make referrals to the DBS.
  • Information on obtaining DBS checks for students is found on the Student Registry’s web pages, along with frequently asked questions for students about the DBS check process. For DBS checks for students, please refer to
  • The Recruitment of Ex-offenders Policy Statement sets out the University’s position on employing individuals with a criminal conviction.
  • The Senior Tutors’ web pages provide a range of relevant guidance, including on supporting students with mental health problems.