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Management responsibilities

Managers have a duty to implement the University’s Dignity at Work Policy and seek to ensure that unwanted, unreasonable and offensive behaviour does not occur.  They should set a good example by treating all staff and members of the University community with respect and should take prompt and appropriate action in respect of allegations of unwanted conduct which are brought to their attention.

Managers should be fully conversant with the Dignity at Work Policy and procedures and should ensure that staff are aware of them.  Managers should also be aware of the University support services which are available.  Dignity at Work Training Courses are run through the University’s Personal and Professional Development section (PPD).

Managers may also contact their HR School Team who will be able to organise tailored/ad hoc briefings. 

While the procedure is designed to enable the concerns of members of the University community to be addressed, the onus should not be on the individual only to address the problem or to make a complaint. It is important that bullying and harassment are not ignored. If a member of staff becomes aware of the existence of unacceptable behaviour, including bullying or harassment, they should raise this with their manager.  Where a manager becomes aware of unacceptable behaviour they should meet with the member of staff to discuss the best approach for him/her to take.  It is recommended that in the first instance managers discuss the issues with the HR Business Manager/Adviser assigned to their institution as soon as possible,

Staff affected by unacceptable behaviour may be reluctant or nervous about complaining.  They may be worried about not being taken seriously, about reprisals or about damaging their career prospects.  Managers must therefore take steps to quickly resolve any problems in a sensitive manner, supporting and reassuring staff as necessary. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times and the rights of both parties should be respected.(see para 5.1.3 of the policy).