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If the Head of Institution decides to uphold the complaint, s/he may, as appropriate:

  • Instigate disciplinary action under the relevant procedure against the person against whom the complaint has been made (or request that that person's Head of Institution do so), in consultation with the Human Resources Division.

  • Initiate steps to attempt a resolution of the issues, including consideration of a referral to the Mediation Service, if both parties agree.If a successful resolution is achieved the case will be closed, but the situation will be monitored by the Head of Institution or his deputy for an appropriate period.

Should action be taken against a party as a result of an investigation, the Head of Institution, while respecting confidentiality, will inform the other party of the fact that appropriate action has been taken.

Where an individual other than the Head of Institution has considered and made a decision regarding a Dignity at Work complaint, the Head of Institution will be informed of the outcome.