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In the light of the findings of the investigation, the complainant’s Head of Institution will decide what action is appropriate.

If the investigator’s report concludes that there is no case to answer and the Head of Institution supports this view, the case will be closed, although steps may need to be taken to restore reasonable working relationships between the parties (including referral to the Mediation Service if the parties agree).   Advice can be obtained from the relevant HR Business Manager/Adviser.

 If the Head of Institution concludes that there is no case to answer, and no further action is taken, no documentation regarding the complaint will be put on the personnel file of either the complainant or the person about whom the complaint has been made.

 If the complainant does not accept the outcome, they may appeal.

If the Head of Institution has grounds to believe, or on considering the investigator's report, finds that the complaint was malicious or vexatious, s/he may instigate disciplinary action against the complainant, in consultation with the Human Resources Division.  No disciplinary action will be taken against a complainant where a complaint is mistaken or ill-founded but not malicious or vexatious