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The investigation should not be carried out by the person who will assess and decide the outcome. Normally the investigator will be drawn from a panel of senior employees who have been briefed appropriately, and will not be a member of any institution in which either party is concerned.

Guidance on investigations is available from the institution’s HR Business Manager/Adviser. 

The investigator should normally be appointed within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint and will be supported by an HR Business Manager/Adviser.  A note of any meeting will normally be made by an HR Adviser.  Arrangements for the investigation should normally commence within three working days of the appointment of the investigator and the investigation should be concluded as soon as is reasonably practicable.    It is recommended that up to 5 working days’ notice is given to attend an investigation meeting.  The HR Business Manager/Adviser will agree with the parties at the beginning of the process the appropriate method and timing of regular updates during the case, for example fortnightly progress reports.