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4.1 Application and selection procedures used in the recruitment and selection of staff must not exclude or discourage those with disabilities. Job descriptions and advertisements must not discourage them from applying. Advertisements must state that the University is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment. A copy of the Job Vacancies (“Blue List”) will be sent to the Employment Service Job Centre and the Disability Employment Adviser.

4.2 At interview, any reasonable adjustment must be made that is needed to ensure that a person with a disability is not at a substantial disadvantage compared to other applicants. This might include ensuring that the interview room is accessible to wheelchairs, or providing a sign-language interpreter.

4.3 Anyone concerned with recruitment to the University should assess what applicants with a disability can do to meet the requirements of the post, should avoid the assumption that people with a disability are likely to cause problems, and should assess job and career prospects flexibly, bearing in mind that those with disabilities may need to carry out their work in a different way from other people. However, it should be recognized that for those with certain disabilities there may be formal constraints on access to employment in specific occupations, where no reasonable adjustment can be made to allow their employment.

4.4 Decisions on appointments should be based on the merit and suitability of the candidates and the needs of the institution concerned. All candidates should be assessed on their abilities, experience, and likely commitment, according to objective criteria concerning the qualities needed to undertake the duties of the post.