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For information specific to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic please see the Remote Working page.

When formally proposing and considering a request to work from home, the employee and head of institution must complete a PD/WFH form and forward a copy to Human Resources as notification of the outcome.

Set out below is a checklist of actions for managers/employees to help them consider the suitability of working from home, and manage an ongoing arrangement to work from home.

Employees will receive their normal salary whilst working from home, according to the hours of work specified in the contract of employment. Payment for overtime, where appropriate, will be made only where there has been prior agreement between the supervisor/manager and the employee for the additional hours worked.

The cost of any travel from home to office/from the Institution to home will be met by the employee. When attending meetings whilst engaged in University business, travel expenses may be claimed only where the distance travelled is over and above that from home to the Institution.

Decide and specify in advance what equipment, if any, will be provided by the Institution. This would remain the property of the University and its use restricted to work purposes. It will be covered by the University's insurance policy (see Section 3) but employees must take all reasonable steps to safeguard University property in their care.

The Institution will provide the necessary stationery and office consumables needed to carry out the work from home and, where appropriate and strictly by prior agreement, will contribute to telephone and postage costs.

No contribution will be made by the University towards normal household expenses such as heating, lighting, home insurance or council tax costs.

The University will not be responsible for the cost of any infrastructure expenses (e.g. installation of telephone line) or structural changes (such as building works) incurred by the employee to enable him or her to work from home.

Employees remain subject to the provisions of the University Financial Regulations whilst working from home.