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An employee should give notice of her intention to take maternity leave, and the intended start date, by the 15th week before her expected week of childbirth (using form CHRIS/60), unless this is not reasonably practicable, in which case she should give as much notice as is reasonably practicable.

When submitting their CHRIS/60 form the applicant should attach a formal certificate from a doctor or midwife stating the expected week of childbirth (form Mat B1).

An employee may subsequently change her mind about when she wants to start her leave providing she gives at least 8 weeks' notice (unless this is not reasonably practicable in which case she should give as much notice as is reasonably practicable).

Grant of leave

On receipt of the formal application the Human Resources Division will write to the applicant granting leave within 28 days, confirming the date on which the applicant’s maternity leave is expected to end (employees have a right to up to 52 weeks’ maternity leave).

The Human Resources Division will also write to employees where there have been any changes that have affected their maternity leave (for example, changes to start date, limit of tenure).

Notification of return to work

A CHRIS/61 form should be completed to advise of the date of return from Maternity Leave. If an employee wants to extend her maternity leave or return earlier than a date previously specified, then she is required to give 8 weeks’ notice of this intention. If an employee gives less than 8 weeks' notice, her maternity leave may be extended for 8 weeks after the date of giving notice of return, to allow her institution to make any necessary arrangements.

If an employee does not wish to return to work, then she should give notice of resignation in the usual way in accordance with her contract.

Although there is no legal requirement to give advance notice of an intention to return at the end of the 52 week maternity leave period, an employee who intends to do so is urged to keep her Head of Institution informed of her intentions so that appropriate cover arrangements can be made and workloads can be planned.