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Human Resources


The University has a commitment to providing redeployment assistance for all staff at risk of redundancy.

The non-renewal of a fixed-term contract is equivalent in law to redundancy and this normally occurs when funding is discontinued.

Where a member of staff is approaching the end of a fixed-term contract, the process for ending of the fixed term contract will be followed. For more details of this procedure see the Ending of Fixed Term Contracts policy.

All staff will be notified of the end date of their contract at a consultation meeting where they will be given details of redeployment assistance. A CHRIS/43 Record of Consultation on Ending of Fixed Term Contract will be completed and sent to the Human Resources Division for follow up.

Consultation and communication over all proposals for redeployment should take place with the employee at the earliest opportunity and throughout the process of searching for alternative employment.

Supplementary information regarding redeployment in other circumstances, for example when a disability or illness prevents an employee from continuing in the post, can be found in the Disability and Employment policy.