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Redeployment assistance offered by the Human Resources Department will be provided on a one-to-one basis and will take into account the individual skills, experience and areas of interest and may include some or all of the following:

  • A list of the Current Vacancies can be made available to your email address on a weekly basis.
  • A summary of your skills, experience and the type of role sought will be sent to the relevant Administrators of other Departments so that they can be matched against any vacancies that may arise.
  • If you would like advice or assistance in preparing job applications, updating your CV, writing a cover letter, interview skills, or a general discussion of possible job options within the University and externally, please contact your HRA.
  • Discuss the possibility of undertaking additional training as provided by the University, skills updates, etc., where it is likely that this would improve the chances of finding alternative employment.
  • You should apply directly for any post for which you wish to be considered, and should inform your Departmental Administrator and the HRA when you make your application (the best way to do this is by forwarding a copy of your letter of application).
  • The HRA assigned to your department will then communicate with the Recruiting department to ensure that if you have provided supporting evidence within your application that indicates how you fully meet the objective criteria for the post, that you are seriously considered for interview. However, the final decision regarding interviews will rest with the Recruiting department.
  • The HRA will liaise with Recruiting departments and will provide any feedback received if the application is unsuccessful.