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"The funds from the returning carers scheme have enabled me to create networks in India and to conduct a study which I have just written up for publication. Having this experience and publications will lead to future projects and I am currently developing a proposal for a grant that can further this area of research."

"It helped me to establish a collaboration which has led to further international research funding. It also filled me with confidence at what might have been a very difficult time, the transition back to a full time academic career. This has helped me to secure a permanent Senior Lectureship for next year!"

"The scheme has allowed me to purchase specialised statistical software which I would otherwise not been able to fund and attend the corresponding training."

"In paying for teaching cover, it gave me the freedom for more time for research, at a time when I was feeling swamped in the phase of getting back to grips with things a year after maternity leave. In paying for a conference, it enabled me to network and present my data when I had been out of the loop for several years. Overall, it has enabled me to have space and time to think and talk to people."

"The scheme enabled me to attend an important international conference at which I was able to showcase my latest research in Russia, after a few years of having a less visible presence there while I had small children at home."

"Very beneficial. The RCS took the pressure off by funding a technician to help with the lab work, allowing me to focus on writing papers and grant and fellowship applications."

"The scheme has allowed me to have the research assistance I needed to finish my monograph and begin research on my next project."