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Once you have a clearer idea of what your career goals are, you will be able to determine which skills you may need to acquire and/or further develop, in order to be successful. Key skills can be developed and used in a wide range of situations, for example: to succeed in an academic career, among the skills you may need to develop are grant writing, and possibly teaching; but for an industrial research and development role, you might need to focus more on developing your commercial skills.

Do some research into the different kinds of skills required for your intended future career; you could start by talking to your supervisor about what skills are necessary for a successful academic career, and who may also be able to provide an insight into other careers.

An outline of those topics considered by Research Councils as transferable skills can be found in the Researcher Development Statement.

The Careers Service holds much information about different career sectors, jobs and employers, and the kinds of skills they are seeking; you might find it helpful to make an appointment with a careers adviser to discuss the options or your ideas in more detail.

Prospects, the UK's official graduate careers website, has a useful online database of different job types, with information on the kinds of skills they require.