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Recognising the skills you are confident in and identifying those skills that you need to further develop is called Training Needs Analysis. This process helps you to decide which activities to undertake in order to help develop the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Many transferable skills will be gained as a natural part of your research work. For example: preparing research papers will help you develop your writing skills; going to meetings will improve your communication skills; and supervising junior members of the research group, will develop your mentoring and motivational skills.

In addition, you may wish to take specific courses covering certain topics that you feel will enhance your existing skill-base.

Once you have identified those skills you need to develop or strengthen you should look into the training opportunities available to you, both within the University and your department.

Websites that may include useful information:

Remember that if you make any job applications, internal or external to the University, prospective employers will be looking for you to provide evidence that you are using the skills you have learnt through attendance on training courses, so you need to think about how you can apply this learning not only to the current work environment, but beyond. If you are able to demonstrate a high level of competence in those skills stated to be relevant on your CV, you may give yourself an advantage over other job applicants.