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The aims of the career management HR processes are to:

  1. Confirm the suitability for employment of new members of staff.
  2. Assist the development of staff in their work and career and promote their full potential through systematic self-appraisal and positive review.
  3. Improve communication in institutions so as to provide a reference between University and institution objectives and individual career plans.
  4. Identify the potential for longer-term or permanent employment.


At the beginning of employment, the person responsible for assessing your performance will have been identified (see Staff management). Your PI /supervisor will normally be your reviewer.

If you request it, an alternative reviewer may be nominated by the Head of Institution or her/his nominee/representative.

With the agreement of your Principal Investigator, you may request an additional reviewer be present at your appraisal review meeting where that additional person is knowledgeable about your work.


Probationary Reports confirming appointment or notifying termination will be sent to the appropriate HR Business Manager/HR Adviser.

The completed Career Management Review (appraisal) form will be held by the Head of Institution with a copy returned to you and your reviewer. Where the Head of Institution would like to discuss the outcome of a review, that discussion should involve both the reviewer and you together. The Head of Institution may delegate her/his role in these discussions to a senior colleague.


Briefing sessions for members of staff and reviewers covered by the scheme are provided by the PPD Section of HR Division.