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Following confirmation of appointment and at least every two years thereafter.

Career management review is the name given to the appraisal scheme for research staff and falls within the general framework for appraisal in the University. The career management review is not intended to replace regular meetings to discuss work and career progress but to supplement and summarise them.

The first appraisal review takes place after confirmation of appointment, with subsequent reviews at least every two years thereafter. The purpose of the review is to assist you in the development of your career. Therefore, it is important therefore that discussion is honest and constructive. Arrangements should be made for the discussion to take place without interruption and at least one hour set aside for this purpose. The discussion will be planned in advance, allowing time for preparation.

At the appropriate time, the Departmental Administrator/equivalent will notify the Head of Institution, the reviewer and you that a career management review is due, as appropriate having used the CHRIS appraisal module (or departmental database) to keep track of appraisal dates. This notification can be by email to you, copied to the Head of Institution and the reviewer, and will give details on how to access the appraisal form and guidance.

The career management review begins with a self-assessment by the member of staff being reviewed. The self-assessment is in two parts. The first part is a review of your performance against the objectives agreed at the end of the probationary period or previous career management review, highlighting any development activity that has taken place. The second part is for you to propose objectives to be achieved in the next two years highlighting any development needs and longer-term career objectives. You can use a preparation form to record this information. Alternatively, your self-assessment can be recorded on your department's form for this purpose or can be recorded on the SRD (appraisal) form itself. This self-assessment document should be submitted to your reviewer at least one week before the date of the review meeting.

Your self-assessment will be discussed at the review meeting. Following discussion, your reviewer will summarise the conclusions reached in respect of your assessment of your performance against previous work objectives and the agreement reached on future work objectives. Your longer-term career aspirations should also be discussed and the conclusions reached should be recorded. This discussion should cover realistic career options outside of research or other work in universities as well as within so that you can decide whether to pursue a further university research appointment. Your reviewer will indicate whether the employment will likely terminate at the end of the current period of employment or whether it is hoped that your employment will continue, providing external funding is available.

Your appraisal form or your department's appraisal form will be forwarded to the Head of Institution or her/his nominee/representative for comment on the conclusions recorded. If there is a possibility/likelihood that your employment will terminate at the end of the current period, the Head of Institution or her/his nominee is responsible for ensuring that redundancy consultation takes place in advance, in accordance with the University's procedures.

The Personal Development Plan (attached to the model appraisal form) should also be completed, setting out development activities to be completed during the forthcoming period of review between SRD discussions (see Personal Development Planning for more detailed guidance, including about skills analysis and transferable skills).

Immediately after all parts of the SRD form are completed, copies will be returned to you and your reviewer.