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Staff Review and Development (Appraisal)

1. Introduction

The Staff Review and Development Scheme sets out the framework for appraisal of all staff, following approval of a Joint Report in May 2004 on proposals for revising arrangements. Full details of this Report and the subsequent Notice can be found in Reporter (see below). Documentation including an information sheet, a booklet answering frequently asked questions, and model forms are also available. This will be joined by further supplementary guidance in due course. This information replaces the previously agreed separate schemes for assistants and officers.

All institutions are expected to use the SRD framework as the basis for setting out appraisal arrangements covering all their staff. A copy of your institution's scheme can be obtained from your departmental administrator.

Details of the Career Management Review process for researchers, which falls within the SRD framework, are available.

For information on the joint University/NHS appraisal process for clinical academic staff (medical consultants) please refer to the School of Clinical Medicine website.

Further guidance is available from your HR Business Manager or HR Adviser. Advice on training is available from Personal and Professional Development, which also runs scheduled appraisal courses.

2. Framework scheme

Details of the University's SRD scheme, whose purpose is to enhance work effectiveness and facilitate career development, are given in an information sheet (which is included in starter packs for new members of staff) and a booklet answering frequently asked questions. These are available in hard copy from the Human Resources Division or can be downloaded:

3. Setting up an institutional scheme

Institutions are responsible for developing their own procedures within the basic SRD framework. A copy of an institution's approved scheme can be obtained from the relevant administrator or from the Human Resources Division.

4. Documentation

Institutions will specify in their scheme the documentation to be used at each stage of the appraisal process. Information on the stages specified in the framework and details of model forms as well as examples of those already in use are given below.

Examples of schemes currently in use:

5. Training

All newly appointed reviewers should attend the scheduled training course run by Personal and Professional Development. In addition, it is recommended that members of staff attend a briefing session before they are reviewed for the first time. Tailored training of reviewers and staff being reviewed in an institution can also be arranged.

6. Appraisal returns (and forms)

Institutions are asked annually in February to provide a return to Human Resources Division listing all staff who have been reviewed in the previous calendar year and those that will be reviewed in the forthcoming year.

7. Feedback

Comments on the operation of the new arrangements are welcomed. They should be made through your HR Consultant/Officer, who should also be contacted if an institution or a member of staff need any assistance or have any queries.