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The principles underpinning this guidance, and in line with the SRD Scheme, are as follows:

  • Links to other processes

    The SRD process is not linked to other HR related procedures such as discipline, promotion or recognition of distinction decisions. However, academic staff may choose to discuss their aspirations for promotion (including through the Senior Academic Promotions exercise) and career development (including progression through the professorial contribution bands) with their reviewer.

    Significant concerns about an academic's performance or capability should be addressed separately through a process of systematic performance review (the Head of Institution is advised to speak to the relevant HR School team for further advice in these circumstances).

  • Confidentiality

    The details of the SRD discussion remain confidential between the academic and their reviewer, and the Head of Institution (or his/her nominated representative), who signs the form, unless the academic agrees otherwise.

  • Academic freedom

    The appraisal must in no way infringe the academic freedom of the academic concerned.

  • Equality and diversity

    All appraisals will be conducted within the spirit of the University's equality and diversity policies.