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Preparing for discussion

A curriculum vitae and bulleted list of topics is sent by the academic to his/her reviewer a week in advance of the meeting, including the information detailed below:

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Written summary information on his/her range of duties (usually spanning research/scholarship, examining, teaching and general contribution to the Institution, University and wider community) over the last two years.

    It is suggested that the completed document for the last Annual Report of Professors and Readers, or a CV completed in accordance with the Senior Academic Promotions guidance is provided. Alternatively, the Institution can specify the summary documentation to be provided by academics.

  • Specific topics to be covered

    A brief, bulleted list setting out topics (no more than six) that s/he particularly wishes to discuss at the meeting, with brief comments.


It is helpful to prepare for the meeting by reflecting on what has happened over the last review period, including:

  • Progress in key areas since the last SRD discussion, including achievements.
  • Factors which helped and obstacles/difficulties which hindered effective performance.
  • A review of development undertaken.
  • Career plans for the future, including job changes, promotion and/or retirement plans.
  • Suggestions for the year(s) ahead in terms of key areas, training/development activity etc.

This assessment need not be shared with the reviewer.

The above areas together with any matters raised by the reviewer (see below) comprise the areas for discussion at the SRD meeting.

Preparation by the Reviewer

Preparation for the SRD meeting by the reviewer could include the following:

  • Considering the academic's bulleted list of topics

    Discussing some general principles with other staff, eg retirement or promotions policy, with the Institutional Administrator or Head of Institution.

  • Adding any topics to the list

    Providing a list of any additional points (for example as discussed with the Head of Institution) for discussion by e-mail (no more than four) approximately a week in advance of the SRD meeting.

  • Obtaining the model SRD form

    The model form is available online.