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Opening the discussion

The academic is invited to present a review of progress over the review period covering the key duties of his/her role (usually research/scholarship, teaching, examining and general contribution to department, University and the wider community), successes and challenges, and plans for the future, focussing on career plans and training/development needs/support to achieve them. It is helpful to adopt an informal, encouraging and constructive style of discussion at the meeting; the reviewer's role includes acting as a facilitator for internal reflection, providing professional feedback on the academic's contribution.

Topics for discussion

Key areas for discussion include:

  • Career planning

    Readiness for promotion in broad terms, for example taking into account publications and grant support, shaping the research plan, teaching and general contributions, timing, etc. The reviewer's contribution may include reviewing a strategy to maximise promotion chances, as appropriate referring the academic to the Head of Institution for more detailed, tactical planning for promotion, including advice about the appropriate office to apply for under the Senior Academic Promotions procedure.

  • Retirement plans

    Discussing plans, including gradual or full retirement options if the academic is nearing pensionable retirement age, as appropriate referring the academic to the Head of Institution for further informal and confidential discussion about their aims, aspirations and plans for the short, medium and long term, as well as the Institution's future plans and future staffing needs. In line with the Retirement Policy a record of the retirement planning discussion should be made using form RP3.

  • Institution's plans

    Discussing how the academic's plans fit in with the Institution's strategic and operational plans.

  • Action planning

    Mutually agreeing plans covering the next two years, which address the academic's development needs, taking account of institutional requirements. This should be recorded so that the academic can monitor progress.