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Monday, 24 March, 2014
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All staff

Dear Colleague,

Web Recruitment System – Phase 2 delivery

Today as planned, Phase 2 of the Web Recruitment System has been released to departments and institutions. The new functionality includes:

The generation of correspondence to unsuccessful applicants

An administrator can now notify applicants that they have been unsuccessful, taking steps within the Web Recruitment System to generate rejection emails. It is possible to generate a letter within the system that can be printed and posted. Administrators will also have the option to add an additional paragraph into an email or letter as required.

The wording for the email and the letter is taken from the HR12 Rejection Letter. Furthermore, the wording of the rejection letters will vary according to whether the applicant was rejected after application or after interview (see Annex A).

The generation of electronic reference requests

Three reference templates have been developed:

- An academic template to assess an individual’s academic standing and potential, paying particular attention to his/her performance in teaching and research.

- A non-academic template for a general assessment of the individual’s suitability for the role.

- A non-academic template with pro-forma form that is similar to the previous HR reference request form (i.e. asking specific questions about generic skills, whether a referee would re-employ the individual and other key information).


It is possible to generate a reference request within the system that can be printed and posted. Administrators will also have the ability to add an additional paragraph to the reference requests of a particular vacancy.

Referees will be given a link and a code to upload their reference into the Web Recruitment System (see Annex B). By clicking on this link they will also be able to view the Job Opportunities advert for the role and any HR7 Further Information document published with it.

Additional functionality for applicants

Further new functionality will also allow applicants to re-use certain details from a previous application in the system, such as name, address, education details and career history.


Your Head of Department or Institution has been informed by letter today that departments and institutions are able to start using the updated Web Recruitment System as soon as relevant staff have familiarised themselves with it. A copy of the letter is found in Annex C for your information.


The Web Recruitment training materials have been updated and can be accessed at the following link: For new users to the system, classroom-based workshops can be booked at the following link: Alternatively you can log on as normal here:


During Phase 2, we have gathered feedback from departments and institutions which has played a key role in shaping the latest developments of the system, and I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to provide their valuable input. Further features will be delivered in fixed releases throughout 2014, and our priorities will continue to be informed by feedback from departments and institutions. Where institutions have their own web recruitment system then we do not yet expect them to use the centralised system until we can provide similar, or greater, functionality. Since Web Recruitment went live in November, 86 departments and institutions have used the Web Recruitment System for 516 vacancies attracting 10,136 online applications.


I hope that Web Recruitment continues to improve the efficiency of your recruitment processes over the coming months. If you have any questions or feedback about the new system then please email

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Web Recruitment System - Phase 2 delivery