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Human Resources


Forms and templates


Code Title Last updated
CHRIS/1 Request for new assistant or academic-related post [Cambridge only]  
CHRIS/2 Request for New Academic Post [Cambridge only] 30 January 2013
CHRIS/5 Application for Employment 18 November 2013
CHRIS/6 Cover Sheet for CVs 18 November 2013
CHRIS/10 and CHRIS/10A Academic, Academic-Related, Research and Assistant staff appointment form [Cambridge only] 31 May 2013
CHRIS/11 New Short-Term (casual) Appointment [Cambridge only] 30 January 2013
CHRIS/21 Change of bank account details 6 October 2011
CHRIS/22 New Starter Details 21 March 2013
CHRIS/30 Appointment form for students paid an allowance through the payroll (formerly 'Studentships') [Cambridge only] 6 October 2011
CHRIS/31 Student banking details [Cambridge only] 12 September 2011
CHRIS/43 Record of consultation on ending of fixed term contract 6 December 2013
CHRIS/44 Record of consultation on end of open ended contract 6 December 2013
CHRIS/50 Request for extension or amendment of a post or office [Cambridge only] 6 December 2013
CHRIS/51 Promotion from Research Assistant to Research Associate on award of PhD Form [Cambridge only] 25 November 2013
CHRIS/52 Suppression of Post form [Cambridge only] 6 December 2013
CHRIS/53 Extension to tenure and changes to funding [Cambridge only] 12 September 2013
CHRIS/54 Change of hours and working pattern [Cambridge only] 5 December 2013
CHRIS/60 Maternity leave application form 1 December 2012
CHRIS/61 Maternity leave return form 1 October 2013
CHRIS/62 Sickness Self Certificate 1 April 2014
CHRIS/64 (Statutory) Adoption leave application form 1 October 2013
CHRIS/65 Paternity leave application form 1 December 2012
CHRIS/66 Parental leave application form 1 December 2012
CHRIS/67 Leave of absence application form: Academic and Study Leave 11 October 2013
CHRIS/68 Special Leave (Paid and Unpaid) Application Form 29 November 2013
CHRIS/69 Application for Leave from University Office to Undertake Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge [Cambridge only] 6 December 2013
CHRIS/70 Graduated Return from Maternity form 1 December 2012
CHRIS/71 Internal Secondment 12 November 2013
CHRIS/73 TES Temporary Workers' Sickness Self Certificate 30 June 2011
CHRIS/74 Application for temporary leave to work flexibly 27 March 2013
CHRIS/75 Shared Parental Leave forms 15 June 2015
CHRIS/80 Hourly payments [Cambridge only] 5 April 2011
CHRIS/81 Overtime payments [Cambridge only] 5 April 2011
CHRIS/82 Non-Recurrent Payments [Cambridge only] 5 April 2011
CHRIS/83 Overtime at special rate [Cambridge only] 5 April 2011
EDI Application for the Employee Development Initiative [Cambridge only] 20 October 2014
EO Return Equal opportunities and recruitment data collection [Cambridge only] 26 July 2012
FLEXAF and FLEXAF/DECISION Flexible working forms March 2013
FLEXAF/RETIRE Flexible retirement application form 11 June 2012
HR4 Starting Salary Case [Cambridge only] 1 November 2013
HR5 Recruitment Checklist [Cambridge only] 18 November 2012
HR6 Selection Criteria template [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR7 Further Information template [Cambridge only] 18 November 2013
HR8 Response to Enquiry template [Cambridge only] 5 August 2015
HR9 Acknowledgement of Application template [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR10 Assessment Record [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR11 Selection Results Grid [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR12 Rejection letter template [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR13 Invite to interview letter template [Cambridge only] 18 November 2013
HR14A, HR14B and HR14C HR14 Reference Request template [Cambridge only] 20 March 2014
HR15 HR15 Selection Process Schedule [Cambridge only] 8 August 2011
HR16 Chair's Interview Checklist [Cambridge only] 18 November 2012
HR17 Assessor Notes template [Cambridge only] 4 July 2012
HR18 Conditional Offer Letter Template [Cambridge only] 18 November 2013
HR19 and HR19A Cover Sheet for DBS Application Forms [Cambridge only] 11 March 2014
HR20 Objective Assessment of a Disclosed Criminal Conviction [Cambridge only] 4 July 2013
HR20A Objective Assessment of a Security Check Disclosure 28 July 2014
HR21 Cover Sheet for Basic Disclosures and Security Checks 28 July 2014
HR22 Induction Planning Checklist [Cambridge only] 6 October 2014
HR23 and HR23A Welcome Letter Template [Cambridge only] 18 August 2015
HR24 Employee Induction Checklist [Cambridge only] 7 October 2014
HR31 Case for Additional Responsibility Payments [Cambridge only] 1 March 2012
HR32 and HR32A Leaver Arrangements Template Letter [Cambridge only] 29 January 2014
HR33 Children and Vulnerable Adults Risk Assessment form [Cambridge only] 28 July 2014
HR34 Incident Report Form [Cambridge only] 28 July 2014
HR35 and HR35A Tier 4 Student Right to Work Checklist 20 August 2014
HR37 Proposal for Contribution Increment(s) for Research staff [Cambridge only]  
OHF04 On-Offer Referral Form 3 September 2013
OHF29 Job Hazard Evaluation Form 3 September 2013
OHF30 Work Health Declaration 3 September 2013
PD/PROB/R1 and PD/PROB/A1 Probation documentation for academic staff [Cambridge only]  
PD/PROB/R2 and PD/PROB/A2 Probation documentation for academic-related staff [Cambridge only]  
PD/PROB/R3 and PD/PROB/A3 Probation documentation for assistant staff [Cambridge only]  
PD/PROB/R4 and PD/PROB/A4 Probationary report for contract research staff [Cambridge only]  
PD/REV/CRS Career management scheme for contract research staff, review report  
PD/WFH Working from home ('teleworking') form  
PD5 Application for vocational training [Cambridge only] 20 October 2014
PD25, PD26 and PD27 Staff review and development (appraisal) forms  
PD29 TES Timesheet for temporary staff  
PD30 Proposal for Contribution Rewards [Cambridge only] 28 October 2013
PD31 Intern timesheet July 2010
PD32 Proposal for Contribution Reward(s) for Academic Related Grade 12 11 February 2011
PD33 Grading Request Form and Role Description form [Cambridge only] 9 September 2013
PD35 Travel to work loan scheme application form February 2006
PD36 Reimbursement of relocation expenses form May 2009
PR12 Non-Pensionable Additional Payments 26 September 2014
RP1 Intention to retire October 2014
RP2E Request to continue working beyond the retirement age October 2014
RP3 Record of workplace discussions October 2014
RP5 Cover sheet for request to continue working beyond the retirement age October 2014
STF Substitute teaching form STF [Cambridge only] October 2009
UPS1 Self-employed payment claim form [Cambridge only] 18 July 2013
UPS2 Worker agreement payment claim form [Cambridge only] 18 July 2013
UPS3 Student maintenance claim form [Cambridge only] 16 July 2012
UPS IPO International Payment Order form [Cambridge only] 23 April 2012
VRA Application form for Voluntary Research Agreement November 2014