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Human Resources


Using the form

All new employees (including anyone who has previously been employed by the University, or those who are current/past Temporary Employment Service workers) must complete this form and send it to their new department/institution upon their acceptance of an offer of appointment. It is also required if you are transferring from being a student to an employee.

This form does not have to be completed if you are transferring from one job in the University to another, if you are taking on a second job in the University or if you are transferring from an employee to a studentship. Queries can be raised by calling the CHRIS Help Desk on (7)60999.

Filling out the form

This form must be completed by all new employees in order that they can be paid. Departments/institutions must issue this form to new employees with their offer letters. The form will not be sent out by HR in contract packs. When departments/institutions have countersigned the form on its return, it must be sent to Payroll as soon as possible. A copy of the form should be made and retained on the department/institution's personal file for the employee.

Obtaining a copy of the form

Form CHRIS/22 may be downloaded in PDF, Word or Rich Text Format: