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If you have been asked to register as a casual worker at the University of Cambridge by one of our Institutions or Departments, you should read the information below and follow the instructions on how to register as a worker on Dashboard.

Dashboard is the system we use to manage the following processes for you during your time as a casual worker with us:

  • Collation of personal information about you (including your Right to Work in the UK documentation)
  • Sending you details of job offers
  • Allowing you to enter timesheets for the hours you have worked for us
  • Allowing you to submit appropriate and pre-agreed expenses incurred whilst working for the University

Click on the sections below for more information:

How to register with Dashboard

In order to register with Dashboard you will need the following information ready to hand:

  • A valid email address and a suitably strong password
  • Your personal contact details
  • Contact details of an emergency contact for you
  • If you are a UK or Irish National, your Right to Work in the UK documentation (Passport, Birth Certificate)
  • If you are a Foreign National (including EU, EEA and International), a Share Code from the webpage
  • The details of the Bank Account where you wish to receive your payment for any work completed

Follow this link to access Dashboard.

After you have registered on the system, a member of the department you have agreed to work for will review your profile and conduct a check of your Right to Work documents. They will then approve you as a worker and you will be set up to receive information about jobs at the university via email.

Receiving Job Offers

You will receive information about specific job offers via email from Dashboard. This email constitutes a Workers Agreement with the University and will contain the job information and the Terms and Conditions of working at the University of Cambridge. All emails you receive from Dashboard will come from the email address

Completing Timesheets and submitting expenses

You will be required to submit weekly timesheets for the hours you have worked. You will also be able to submit appropriate expense claims via your timesheet for expenses incurred whilst working for the University. All expenses must be pre-agreed with your Department and accompanied by a valid receipt (or in the case of a mileage claim, a screenshot from google maps confirming the distance between your journeys start and end point).

You will be paid on the 15th of each month (or the nearest working day if the 15th falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday). You should submit your timesheets by 5pm each Monday for the department to approve. All timesheets submitted by 5pm on the last Monday of each month will be paid on the 15th of the following month. Any timesheets submitted after the last Monday will be paid in the next month.


Annual Leave

Workers will accrue holiday entitlement, equivalent to 12.07% of their hourly pay rate. Workers who have not taken their entitlement as paid leave from work will be paid this entitlement in their payslip. Workers who wish to take their holiday entitlement as paid leave from work should seek permission from their department. The department will review the request and confirm whether the request has been approved or rejected.


Information for Students and Student visa holders

Workers on a Tier 4/Student visa are allowed by the Home Office to work up to 20 hours per week during term-time, and full-time during University holidays. The holiday period in which students can work full-time is defined according to the type of course they are undertaking.

However, the University imposes greater working restrictions on its own students (regardless of nationality), which go beyond the Tier 4/Student visa restrictions, as above. Please see the guidance contained within the ‘Working during your studies’ webpage.

Students holding a Tier 4/Student visa and studying with another Higher Education Institution will be asked to provide a letter from their Institution to confirm their student status, and to confirm the relevant term dates.

Workers holding a Student Visitor visa are not allowed to work at all.


How to Guides/Training

You will find information on how to complete each area of Dashboard in our Training Library for Workers.