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Human Resources


About the form

This document must be completed by the Head of Recruitment (or nominated deputy), or by the relevant department/institution with assistance from the Head of Recruitment, when a criminal conviction (or caution, absolute discharge, reprimand, warning etc) has been disclosed:

  • By a job applicant, preferred candidate or employee.
  • Through a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly known as a CRB check).
  • Through a basic disclosure (basic criminal records check).

Using the form

Please ensure that you have spoken with the Immigration and Compliance Manager (or nominated deputy) before completing this form. Instructions on how to complete it are found within the document. Please submit it to the Immigration and Compliance Manager once it has been completed. It will then be reviewed by the Assistant Director or Director of HR for a decision on whether the appointment can proceed, or can proceed with adjustments.

Further information

Guidance for departments/institutions on DBS checks, including eligibility, can be found within the Screening checks section of the Recruitment Guidance.

Obtaining a copy of the template

The HR20 may be downloaded in Word, PDF or RTF format.